Fall/ Winter 2016 Makeup Trends

The finishing touch to any look has many factors.  

The colors you use, the lines you make or the lack of it all can make or break a look. 

Some people apply makeup just like an artist on a canvas - eyes, lips, contours, cheekbones and even neckline to create a masterpiece. I wish I had the talent and patience!

So far 2016 has been all about individuality and a unique character and that continues into the fall season.

Here are some of the top fall/ winter 2016-2017 makeup trends:

#1: Gothic Inspired Lips

Take a trip to the dark side this fall. Lips can be as dark as black or a plum color.

Inspired by the Goth look, you can wear it as softly or as fanatically as you wish.

Some runways went for truly Gothic look, full black lips and exaggerated eyeliner with brows bleached out, while others kept brows thinner but natural and focused on the purple hued lips.

 #2: Pastels and Bright Pink Lips

I think this is one of the prettiest fall 2016 makeup trends in terms of lipstick.

Gorgeous baby pink lips are paired with some graphic eye shadow in order to almost upset the balance of the features and redirect the gaze constantly.

A sugary pink color ensures the eyes focus more on the brows that are all well-groomed yet nice and thick.

 #3: The Smokey Eye

Smokey eyes have long been the trend used for seduction.

The fall 2016 makeup trend gives this an update by adding a little more smoke and smudge to the bottom lash line.

For a completely dramatic look, add wings at the ends of the Smokey look, while keeping brows light and natural.

#4: Statement Liners

As you can tell from above, some trends are dramatic - Statement liners being one of them.

Statement looks with bold colors, thicker smudges, fun shapes and smoky lower lashes.

If you like playing with your cosmetics this look is for you - Drawing triangles at the corners of the eyes, really extending the cat eye or adding secondary lines.


#5: A Touch of Glitter

Glitter disappeared for a while but it is slowly appearing everywhere.  

Fall/ winter makeup trends are all about the glitter.

From clothing, shoes, nails and makeup or hair, subtle flecks will add a little spice to your look.

Glitter is even being used as a brow liner for those who are daring enough.

#6: The Copper Penny eyes

One color stuck out most from the fall/winter runway shows: the penny copper hue.

It appears all over the lid and with just a little bit of shading without overdoing it, keeping things mostly natural while having that pop of color.

It is a beautiful trend that is best for its versatility because you can wear it for the day and then into the evening. 

#7: A Radiant Face

A radiant face always looks lovely and autumn is the best time to show off the radiance skin from the vitamin D from the summer sun.

Highlighters, shimmering tones and golden eyeshadow are enough to bring out this beauty look.

Pair it with berry lips and hair in a bun over a fresh natural face.

#8: Natural Brows

There is one trend I’m seeing more of and that is the natural brow.

Thick and well-groomed brows are the upcoming look for fall, leaving brows looking clean, full, and not thin like previous years.

#9: The Red Lip

This is always a classic look. 

Having already dominated for the spring and summer, this is one of the top 2016 makeup trends.

It appears that red lipstick is here to stay.

Brighter and darker shades will take over.

The red lips are definitely a great statement for all skin tones.

It was all about the ‘80s style drama with the bright red lips paired with the Smokey eyes, hair slicked back to bring the look together.

#10: Emphasize the Lashes

Emphasizing certain features can lead to more enticing results.

Adding super-long and thick eyelashes can change a look, even if you decide to go out completely bare-faced.

That can be simple black lashes, sensual flirty lashes or lashes with colored mascara.

#11: Be the Real You

Beauty looks on models that appear on the Fashion Runways are just too unrealistic for daily life.

Embracing the real you is the best beauty trend for fall 2016 and that means you can walk around being proud of who you are, no matter how tall or short, how thick or thin, how curvy or slim.

It is refreshing and it is real, which makes the best beauty trend!

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