Fall/Winter Hair Trends 2016

Hair trends have become more specific in the past year, cuts, colors, and styles have evolved into hair art.

There were plenty of hair trends that defined Spring/Summer.

I am ready to start thinking about what Fall/Winter 2016 has in store for us when it comes to hair.
In Spring/Summer , the shaggy, textured, lob dominated. Pink hair asserted itself, granny gray made its presence known and artistic braids were a big hit.

What hair trend will dominate 2016?

These 2016 Hair Trends Will Be Huge, According To Stylists I have spoken to:

1. The Bob

The bob will be the biggest trend, this cut's flexibility is the reason it never really goes out of style.  It is a classic cut that is so versatile being able to wear it curly, wavy, or straight.

2. Natural Hair Hues

Say goodbye to colors like hot pink and Kelly green for 2016. Bright or artificial-looking hair colors will be a blast from the past next year.

Ombré is on its way out leaving a more natural look with balayage highlights for a long lasting, natural, and effortless look.

Natural-looking hair color will be the new trend and it will be all about natural and healthy-looking hair.

3. Next Day, "Braid Made" Waves

I like to braid my hair when damp, sleep in it, and loosen the waves out in the morning.

That type of texture is going to be big in Fall/Winter 2016, who isn't in love with the beautiful textures that we get when we've slept in our braids, especially those with finer hair?

If you don't have the patience to wait until morning, you can always set the braid texture in faster with a light spritz of hair spray and a quick once over with a flat Iron.

4. Curls

I am personally happy with this one: Fall/Winter 2016 = loads of curls.

Enhancing and embracing natural hair texture with curls and waves, this might mean using different products, learning to use diffusers or using different ways to air dry.

This also includes using different size rods and learning new ways to curl the hair so it looks effortless.

5. Hair Accessories

Hair accessories, like sprinkles of ironed-in gold stars, were big during Spring/Summer.
Hair jewelry will continue to dominate.

Colorful, gold even bold pieces like Part Art lets you dress up your part with bling.
There are also hair tattoos.

6. Voluminous Waves

People have really liked the consistent texture and beach wave style.

Voluminous texturized waves will be big in Fall/Winter.

Soft curls with movable volume. 

7. The "Wob"

The wavy bob, aka the "wob” - Wispy layers, or choppy locks, angled cut or graduated cut, it will be all about individuality.

Spring/Summer 2016 was the year of short hair. For Fall/Winter 2016, women will let their hair grow out to their shoulders and collar bones for a longer and sophisticated style.

They will tend to gravitate towards a textured, lived-in look because it is easily achieved and is a great look for day and night.

What is your favorite hair trend?