Tips for a long lasting mani!

Over the past few years, I’ve been wearing nail polish a lot and I love changing colors and designs. 
The one annoying thing is that my manicures and the shine will only last for a couple of days…

Here are my tips for helping at-home nail manicure that last more than 2 or 3 days:

  • Prep the nails:

Start by removing any old nail polish.

Cut nails with small clippers.

File the nails with a gentle nail file.

Apply cuticle oil to the nails and cuticles for at least 10 minutes or until dry. I like to gently massage into the nails and cuticles.

Before starting the manicure, remove any grease from your nails. An “oily” nail has less adhesion, your nail polish won’t stick to the nail as much, so won’t last as long.

Wash hands with gentle soap and water to start with clean nails.

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  • The Base Coat:

When shopping it can be tempting to go for those 2-in-1 base/top coats you find at the drugstore.

After testing them myself, I've found that those aren't as effective as separate top and base coats.

Spend a little more and get separate top and base coats - you'll have them forever and your nails will look better.

The two base coats I love are Essie First Base and Essence Base Coat.

Both have formulas that dry super quickly, by the time you're done painting your last nail, your first nail will already be dry.

Aside from its amazing fast-drying power, I love these base coats because they made my manicure last so much longer, almost two weeks with no chipping!

  •       The Nail Polish:

The most important thing is to apply thin coats.

This will help the polish dry faster and it helps prevent chipping. If a thick coat was applied it would take longer to dry and too much nail polish will make a big mess of your nails, adding extra clean up time.

When choosing a brand, I’ve bought cheap bottles of nail polish that amazed me by lasting for many days and I’ve splurged on the more expensive ones but was pretty upset when the polish chipped the next day.

I’ve also purchased cheap polishes that had terrible formulas and expensive brands that worked wonderfully.

This one really is your own preference, whether it is an expensive or inexpensive price range, trying and testing is the only way you will find a formula that you like.

You want nice smooth applications, if the polish is dry and it seems like you are doing little strokes it is not going to give you a long lasting mani.

If the formula is thick and gloopy, it will take a long time to dry.  

You want a nail polish that has a smooth texture and glides onto the nail.

To avoid bubbles, put the nail polish bottle between your hands and roll gently back and forth.  

  • The Top Coat:

I think top coat is the key for a longer-lasting manicure.

Not only does the top coat protect your polish against everyday wear, it also gives a finished look with either a glossy shine or a velvety matte finish.

Some top coats have a near-reflective finish, other formulas capture the vinyl-like effect of a long-wear gel manicure.

Some top coats are also double duty, strengthening the nail by moisturizing and hydrating while protecting the nail.

Applying top coat every three days to refresh shine is a great tip for longevity.

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I hope you have long lasting manicure from now on!!


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