Why should you use protein shampoo for damaged hair? (Guest Post)

Healthy hair requires a balance of moisture and protein. The main protein that is present in your hair is keratin and it is held together by peptide bonds. These peptide bonds are what keep your hair strong and elastic. However, with time, over-shampooing, frequent styling using flat-irons and blow-dryers, coloring or even harsh weather can cause the peptide bonds in your hair to break and become brittle and damaged.

Protein shampoo can be used to treat damaged hair by cleansing, strengthening and increasing the elasticity of your hair. It usually contains different types of proteins like keratin, collagen and amino acids. Keratin is the most prominent naturally found protein in your hair. It helps protect and maintain your hair. Protein shampoos that contain keratin will coat each strand and protect your hair until your next shower. This way, you get to return your hair to its previous glory and prevent any further damage from occurring in the future.

How can you determine if your hair needs protein shampoo? Just take a strand of your hair and wet it. Then, gently stretch it between your fingers. If your hair stretches and bounces back easily, your hair is probably healthy and you can continue following your current hair regimen. However, if your hair breaks easily when slightly stretched, this may be a sign that your hair could benefit from protein shampoo. Other signs are frizzy, thin or dull dry hair.

If you suspect your hair might require more protein, it may be worthwhile to try out one of the many protein shampoo products available in the market. Depending on your personal preference, some might also provide additional moisture. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to use a product regularly for more than a month before determining if you see any difference.

This Guest Post is by Alison Smith


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