Castor Oil – The Various Benefits and Uses (Guest Post)

Oils extracted from various vegetation’s have been in use for many centuries for a host of reasons, medical, and commercial and of course as a cooking medium. They have helped in overcoming, preventing, reversing and even curing many chronic diseases and given a new lease of life to thousands of people across the world cutting across age, gender and social strata. 

Amongst the many such oils which have stood the test of time, there is no doubt that castor oil is something which needs special mention. It has many uses both topical and oral and has been used for a variety of purposes and conditions. Hence it would be interesting to have a look at the various benefits associated with this oil and its origins. 

How Is It Obtained

Castor oil is obtained by pressing the castor seeds. It is basically colorless but at times it could be seen having a pale yellow hue. It has a very unique and distinct taste. It is used for industrial purposes. At the same time it also is extensively used as a medical product and therefore finds place in the pharmaceutical industry. It also is used as an herbal product for different reasons. In this article we will find out how castor oil could play a big role in improving the health of the skin apart from giving a new and fresh look to our hair. 

How It Works On The Skin

it has a number of benefits as far as the skin is concerned. It could play a big role in reducing inflammation of the skin caused by various reasons. Inflammation caused by sunburn, acne and dry skin can be effectively managed with the help of castor oil. It also is known to work exceptionally well when it comes to fighting ageing of the skin. This is because it helps in the production of elastin and collagen which help in firming up the skin. Additionally it also has excellent properties which can help in moisturizing the skin. Therefore it is extremely useful during winter months and is considered to be one of the best treatments for chapped and broken skin. 

If you suffer from blemishes and scars you could try using castor oil. Though it is a slow process you can be sure that it will work when applied regularly for at least one month. Last but not the least it works very well on stretch marks occurring due to pregnancy. It also is known to fight various types of skin infections because of its antibacterial properties. For example, it can be an effective natural treatment for ringworms, abrasions, keratoses and various forms of fungal infections. 

How It Works On The Hair

Castor oil is often referred to as the magic potion for hair growth. It is often considered to be the one stop solution for addressing problems related to dandruff, split ends and hair thinning. It plays a big role in increasing hair growth and controlling hair loss. This is because it is a rich source of omega-6 and ricinoleic acid. These two substances help accelerate blood supply to the scalp thus leading to increased hair growth. 

It nourishes the scalp and also helps to strengthen the roots of the hair because it is rich in various types of essential nutrients. It also could play a big role in fighting tough dandruff apart from helping overcome infection in the scalp which leads to abnormal hair loss. Those suffering from itchy scalp, bald patches and other such problems could also find benefits using this oil. Finally it also plays a big role in reducing split ends apart from being one of the best natural moisturizer and hair conditioners. However, for treating and managing split ends, it would be advisable to use castor oil in combination with olive oil. This is because castor oil is heavy in consistency and mixing it with olive oil makes it easy to spread it across the entire length of your hair. 

Though castor oil can be extracted in its natural form easily, formulating it properly is important. 
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