Tips to Natural Beauty

Many of us can’t even imagine going out or for some women even staying in without having makeup on. 

Today’s post might sound scary for many women but I do believe in natural beauty.

I see younger beautiful women who have their “makeup mask” on and I wonder if they think they are beautiful or if they think they need to hide all of these imperfections.

They would truly be beautiful without the contouring, blush, winged eyeliner and false lashes. 

On my days off from my full-time job, I don’t like to wear makeup – I want to give my skin a break.

But if I happen to go to a restaurant or grocery shopping, all of a sudden I am feeling self-conscious because I don’t have my mascara on or some bronzer on my cheeks.

I used to put on makeup just to go to the corner store.

In the process of loving myself, I decided to cut back on my makeup wearing and start to love myself with or without makeup. It was a hard process at first but I did start to feel more confident without makeup. 

I’m not suggesting going completely makeup free but to try and have makeup-free days, even if it is while doing laundry or dishes.

Here are some tips on ditching the makeup and loving what is underneath the “Beauty Mask”:

Feel beautiful

First step to natural, makeup-free beauty is to connect with your inner perception of yourself.

How do you feel about yourself inside? 

If you don’t feel comfortable and confident about yourself with no makeup on, try to gradually adapt the new ‘natural’ image, try lighter applications or nude colors.

I definitely don’t feel beautiful all the time so I do understand that this might be hard.

Try using minimal makeup at certain times, for example, when I’m on vacation, I try to give my face a “vacation” as well, by using a minimal amount of cosmetics; using only mascara and a touch of lip-gloss.

Skin is everything!

If you decide to have makeup-free days, it doesn’t mean that you need to completely let go of all skin care products.

Daily cleansing and moisturizing are always necessary ingredients to the health of our skin.

Use facial masks a couple times a week (choose masks according to your skin type), and exfoliate your skin regularly - face and body.

One of my favorite skin care tips is Skin Icing. 

This helps to improve blood circulation and give the skin a healthy complexion and it helps to minimize the pores. See my blog post on Skin Icing HERE!

Be transparent

There are some great products that can help you emphasize your natural beauty, like eyebrow gels and transparent mascaras for your eyelashes, chap sticks, lip balms and lip glosses with no color or a hint of color and these products can make you look fresh, natural and beautiful.

Healthy eating and water

Good food is important not only for the beauty of our skin, but for our overall health.

Make sure you eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day, as well as healthy fats and proteins; these are so important.

Try to drink about 8 glasses of water a day and also treat yourself with a green or white tea from time to time, because these are rich in antioxidants and will help your skin look fresh and young for a very long time, even without makeup.

Kissable Lips

Here is a natural DIY lip scrub:

- Mix honey and sugar together

- Gently massage your lips with your fingers (for very dry lips a toothbrush) for a couple of minutes

- Rinse and apply Coconut Oil to the lips

Doing this routine a couple times a week will give you tender, soft kissable lips.


Smiling will instantly help you to feel and look pretty, even if you don’t have any makeup on!

Smile every time you look in the mirror, smile to people you see on the street and, in general, – you will see how the whole world will start smiling back at you!

Love yourself

Accept yourself fully and completely.

Love the way you look with or without makeup, because you are truly unique and beautiful!