Various Skin Rejuvenation Methods (Guest Post)

In a constant rush to get everywhere and make everything happen, we’ve become so skilled and prompt with our actions that we’ve almost transformed into flesh-and-blood superhumans who are not only beating time by squeezing 48 hours’ worth of action into a 24-hour day but superhumans who are progressively aging into a youthful shape.

It is no secret that we’re collectively, more or less, obsessed with the way we look. Call it superficial, you have all the right to do so – but we can’t help it. We are repeatedly bombed with Hollywood-imposed standards, gorgeous women and men who at their 50s look better than some 20-year-olds do and, with that in mind, how could we not want to work on our looks? It’s an only natural instinct.

Luckily for everyone, managing to beat your birth certificate data with your looks is now easier than ever; with various skin rejuvenation methods everyone can take what’s most suitable for their skin type and/or expectations and go back in time a decade or two by staying put in the 21st century.

Here’s how:

1) Natural Remedies & Discipline

Turning to Mother Nature for help is the first logical choice; natural facial masks, regulated/balanced diet and liquid consumption are the first steps to a rejuvenated skin. Drinking as much water as possible (approximately two liters (2l) a day) and divorcingyourself from all the bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol and eating fried foodswill help your skin gain its power back and look fresher, get tighter and regain its initial glow.

2) Skin Creams

Creams aiding in preventing aging, i.e. neutralizing age-signs on the face and neck as much as possible are the invention of the era!Naturally, centuries back, beauty creams were popular as well but 21st century has brought about a revolution in the beauty industry –from spectacularly efficient eye creams, moisturizers and line-reducing serums to skin tightening formulas and fantastic hydrating creams, beauty products are now everything to rely on. They’ll improve your skin tone, soften fine lines, and firm skin helping it look brighter and feel firmer while improving its texture and diminishing dark spots. Who wouldn’t want a few in their medicine cabinet?

3) Face yoga

Face yoga is a non-invasive alternative to Botox and surgery, and everyone is going crazy about it. Its correct application increases blood circulation, “allowing more oxygen and more nourishment to reach the cells of the skin”. Practiced regularly, face yoga will leave your skin with a clear, healthy complexion and a beautiful glow which has a better ability to absorb moisture and is released from toxins that generally do it harm.

Face yoga techniques are designed to stimulate collagen and elastin production which is giving you a more supple, smoother and tighter-looking skin. Amazing, right?

4) Surgical Treatments

The century we live in is definitely no time to get shocked or judgmental, especially not about surgical procedures. These days, going under the knife is almost as common as booking a spa treatment; virtually everyone has embraced cosmetic surgery as a leg up to building their confidence and feeling amazing in their own skin. Unfortunately, not everyone was blessed with amazing genetics, and surgery is mending that wound successfully. We’re in!

The most common types of facial rejuvenation treatments are facelifts, dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, chemical peels that can be more or less invasive, botox injections, collagen injections, fat injections, laser skin resurfacing, photo rejuvenation, spider vein treatment (sclerotherapy) and thermage. All of these methods carry their own set of benefits, risks, costs, and techniques but, if you feel like those lines on your face and neck are your biggest enemy – get rid of them!

Good luck on your journey to rejuvenation; we hope you end it looking even more gorgeous than you already do.

This Guest Post is by Kimberly Lawrence


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