A Man’s Perspective on Women and Makeup (Guest Post)

Ah, now this is an interesting topic. 

What do we men think of the makeup you spend so much time putting on each day? Do we love it, hate it, or fall somewhere in the middle?

That’s what we’re going to talk about from a guy’s point of view. I’ve been with my wife for over 10 years now and I think you’ll enjoy my view on all this makeup business!

Does It Change Anything?

Does makeup catch our eye? This is a somewhat of a double-edged sword. The answer is yes and no.
Before I was married and seeking out women, and looking back in time, I would say that makeup played a big role. The area that always stood out were the eyes & lips. Makeup would help catch attention compared to a woman not wearing any.

I think it’s human nature to be more attracted to beauty. Makeup, in my opinion, is like a first step. It might catch our attention, but it’s the woman and her personality that keeps us around. I feel it goes the same way for you.

If a man’s attractive, but very rude and disrespectful you’re probably not going to hang around long.
Now as a married man makeup doesn’t play a big role at all. In fact, I find the least makeup better. I guess it falls back on the “less is more” train of thought.

Over time with my wife wearing no makeup it even becomes somewhat strange when she decides to wear more. I honestly just prefer a little eyeliner if I had to choose. Anything more than that isn’t necessary.

Why’s it Cost So Much!

Mostly because men aren’t in the “field of makeup”, I don’t think we’ll ever understand how some of it is so expensive.

Woman, just remember that your man loves you how you are. You don’t need the expensive makeup to impress us. If you’re doing it for us don’t stress over it.

We’re not going to notice a difference in $100 makeup vs $10 makeup.

Doing It for Yourself

I know I’ve been somewhat leaning towards women wearing makeup for men. A lot of women that wear makeup for them and not for a man is quite relieving for us.

It’s a great thing to wear makeup just because you want to. Doing it for yourself and not someone else. Something I learned from my wife over the years, “it’s not always about me!”.

I love her so much and for you other woman out there that wear makeup just for you well… that’s the best reason to wear it. That’s my point of view these days.
It’s sometimes crazy how a little makeup will change my wife’s level of confidence. I love seeing her more confident with a “take over the world” attitude.

Nothing makes you women more sexy than self-confidence and a great smile!

It’s not the makeup that makes you attractive. It’s how makeup changes your attitude and you don’t always need makeup for that.


I hope I could give an opinion you might not always get to hear. I laid my thoughts out as raw and honest as I could and I hope it was an enjoyable read.
No matter what makeup you put on, true beauty honestly comes from within.

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