Beauty on a Budget – Natural Beauty Tips (Guest Post)

Attending college is all about bagging an excellent education. However, as well as studying, we all want to look good! Money can be tight, but luckily you don’t need to spend lots to look and feel good.

The following suggestions cost very little, but the results can be amazing. Give them a try – you could even introduce your friends to these beauty tips, too! A pampering party for your friends would be a great way to beat study stresses. Plus, as well as having great fun, you won’t wake up with a sore head! You’ll wake up feeling refreshed, ready to tackle another day of college study, all the while looking like a true natural beauty!

Home Made Honey Face Mask

This simple face mask is so easy to make – one ingredient!

You’ll need:
1 large spoon of honey
A small microwaveable bowl

Step 1 - Microwave the honey in a bowl for 5-10 seconds.
Step 2 - While waiting for the honey to cool, cleanse your face, ensuring that all of your make up is removed.
Step – 3 Take some of your cooled honey (just scoop it up with your fingers) and apply it directly onto your face. Don’t get the honey into your eyes!
Step 4 - Let the mask sit on your skin for around ten minutes. Try to use this time to relax. If you can lie down and close your eyes, do so. Once the ten minutes are up, rinse your honey mask off.
Step 5 - Gently dry your face, and apply your usual moisturizer.
Honey is a natural antiseptic, so this mask will give your skin a deep cleanse. If you need a more moisturizing mask, try mashing some avocado in with your honey – or you could even spoon in some natural yogurt!

DIY Strawberry Tooth Whitening Treatment

Although your college studies are keeping you focused, never forget that your smile is your biggest asset! Healthy teeth and gums are vital, not only for the way you look, but also for your overall health.

Give this home-made tooth whitening treatment a try – the tastiest way to keep your pearly whites gleaming!

You’ll need:
1 strawberry
A small cup
A fork
A pinch of baking soda

Step 1 - Mash the strawberry into a pulp, then load your toothbrush with the red crushed fruit.
Step 2 - Brush your teeth as you normally would. Then rinse your mouth thoroughly, making sure that all of the strawberry seeds are washed away.
Step 3 - Do one final rinse with water and a pinch of baking soda – this acts to neutralize any remaining acidity from the strawberry.
We know that we should always brush our teeth with toothpaste. We should also floss and use mouthwash, too. Those are the basics. Adding this occasional strawberry whitening treatment to your dental regime will really make your teeth smile!

Ultra Rich Mayo Hair Conditioner

Instead of spending precious pennies on a conditioning treatment in a hair salon, try this super cheap hair nourishing tip. Your hair will love you for it!

You’ll need:
1 large handful of mayonnaise (or enough to cover all of your hair)
A large towel

Plenty of time to relax!

Step 1 – Wash your hair as you normally would.
Step 2 – Gently towel dry your hair. Your hair needs to be damp, though not dripping wet.
Step 3 – Take a handful of mayonnaise and put it on to your hair, starting at the scalp. Think of the mayonnaise as a hair mask – you don’t need to try to lather it or rub it in, just lay it on to the hair.
Step 4 – Make sure that your hair is covered, from the root to the tip.
Step 5 – Take your towel and put your hair up into a turban.
Step 6 – Relax for around 30 minutes with your hair wrapped in the towel.
Step 7 – Wash your hair as you normally would. Then, dry and style your hair as you usually do.

Your hair will feel soft and it will look glossy. The mayonnaise mask is a cheap and easy way to look and feel like you’ve had a salon conditioning treatment. Happily, you’ll know that you’ve done it on a college budget!

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