Criss-Cross French Tip

French tip nail designs are fairly easy and look great any time on the year.

Change up the colors to go with the season or event. For Christmas, use red and gold or bright summer colors for summer.

I used dark Blue, silver and black nail polish.

I used a toothpick.

If you have a thin nail brush or nail striper you can use those.

Here's what you need:

Here are the 4 steps:

1. Apply Base coat and a base color to the nails. Let Dry.
2. Using a toothpick dipped in Nail Polish, apply a diagonal line to the tip of the nail.  Apply another diagonal line to the opposite side of the nail crisscrossing the colors in the middle.
4. Add a few other nail polish colors until you get the effect you like.
5. Apply Top coat!!

Hope you enjoy!!

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