Signs You Are A (Crazy) Cat Person

My cats have definitely made me become the crazy cat lady that I am but who can blame me?!

Scamp is the best greeter when I get home he’s always waiting at the door and then rubs my leg as I am taking off my shoes.

Feisty is my shadow and follows me everywhere.

Cola is the best lap cat and snuggler. 

Waffles just hides but will sometimes come out for some petting time.

Bats is my husband’s pal they are inseparable.

Here are some signs that you are also a crazy cat person (and proud of it):

- It’s a rule, if a cat is sleeping on your lap – you don’t move. The bathroom will just have to wait, you can’t disturb their sleep.

- The best part of any delivery is knowing your cat has a new favorite toy – the Box!

- Your phone is full of cat pictures – wouldn’t have it any other way.

- You rely on the sound of purring rather than a sound machine or white noise in order to get a good night’s sleep.

- You know there is no such thing as “Private Time” – the bathroom, shower or bedroom, it doesn’t matter, they will find you and either sneak their way in or scratch the door until you let them in…

- You actually have a conversation with your cat, because you are sure they understand you and you understand them.

 “Hey, how was your day?” “Meow” “Oh, really, that’s good? What did you do today?“Meowwwww” “How interesting!”

- You know the struggle in using a computer or laptop when you have cats.

- Your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds are filled with photos of your cat.

- Your profile picture is your cat!

- You are always amazed at how your cat knows exactly what you need when you are upset, stressed or mad. A cat cuddle has magical powers to make everything go away (at least for a short time).

I obviously got all of them...
If any of these statements describe you that means YOU are a crazy cat person.

 I knew I wasn't the only one, haha!