The Things We Do for Beauty (Guest Post)

You know what they say: Inner beauty is great, but a little lipstick never hurts. And while many people believe that the importance of physical beauty became prominent in the last decade or so, this is not quite true. Ancient Egyptians used a combination of ores as makeup, while Chinese used rice powder on their faces. Let’s not forget that henna is widely used in India since ancient times for hair dying, and around 1200AD perfumes became very popular. So let’s face it: regardless of the era, age or gender, we’re all a bit superficial…and you know what? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. And while women are a bit more affected by this beauty frenzy than men, it’s safe to say that the stronger sex surely isn’t excused from various beauty treatments. 

Let’s check out some of the most common things we do to make ourselves more attractive:

Fitness and Dieting

One of the most popular methods of beautification are surely fitness and dieting. And while regular exercise and a balanced diet are actually quite healthy, the main reason for practicing these two things is an improved physical appearance. Of course, the devastating factor here is that if you wish to maintain your rocking body, you actually need to stick to your routine.

Hair Removal

Did you know that ancient Egyptians used to remove all of the hair from their body, except the brows? Talking about going to extremes. Certainly, it’s easier learning the fact that the no-hair trend didn’t start yesterday, but it’s much easier knowing that nowadays, instead of using pumice stones, we can rely on wonders of shaving, epilation, waxing and of course – laser hair removal.

Hair Care

How many hours on average do you spend looking at video tutorials on how to make a perfect messy bun? Yes, the struggle is quite real. From flowy boho chic hairdos, wet curls and hair straightening up to dying our hair in different colours, applying highlights and making all kinds of extraordinary dos, it’s safe to say that hair care is one of the essential things for any lady.

Breast Augmentation

According to breast augmentation experts from Sydney the most searched topic related to beauty by Australian women are boob jobs. The main reason that women from Sydney are opting for breast augmentation are fuller and shapely breasts. Can you blame them? Ever since Pamela Anderson made a debut in Baywatch, there isn’t a woman in this world who hasn’t wished for a fine pair of jugs.

High Heels

“Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.” I think we can all relate to the well-known wisdom of Marilyn Monroe. No, they aren’t comfy or easy to wear, but they sure are sexy and give you an instant confidence boost. What more does a lady need?

Body Modifications

Tattoos and body piercings are not everyone’s cup of tea but they’re also commonly used as a way to alter our appearance and make us feel more appealing. And some say that if it’s in the right amount, there’s nothing sexier than an inked lady with a nose ring.


Lastly, let’s not forget about the most commonly practiced beauty method – makeup. Foundation, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick are just a few magical products without which a lady simply can’t start her day.

From exercising and hair removal, all the way to cosmeticsurgery and makeupproducts, there are all kind of things ladies are ready to do for beauty. But is it worth it? Well, the next time you stand in front of the mirror looking like a bombshell, just remember what Sheryl Crow would say: If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad.

This guest post is by 
 Kimberly Lawrence


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