5 Simple Steps To Curl Your Hair (Guest Post)

When the hair care gods refuse to grant you your wish of having naturally curling hair, you might want to seek an alternative. You might want to grab that curling iron once in a while, in order to fake that playful texture. So if this statement perfectly describes you, then you need to read on, because this article will describe, in step-by-step, how to curl hair professionally.

Chances are that you have straight hair, which is why you found this hair guide. It’s natural to want what you don’t have. But it’s painful when you spend an hour, trying to curl only for your hair to fall after an hour. Here are your steps to doing it correctly, without having to undergo all the frustrations of a novice.

Step 1
Choose The Right Tool And Size
A curling iron is your godsend, because it’s a small magical tool that can instantly turn your hair into curls. And if you have natural curly hair, it can simply add definition and perfection to your already curly hair.

The curly iron is by no means a modern invention. You see, people have been using them for ages to add curls to their hair. Ancient Greeks used them a lot. And in fact, Babylonian and Assyrian men used this device to crimp and curl their beards.

Of course, these didn’t look anything like the electric curling iron we know today. In fact, it was not until the year 1959, that curling irons were brought to the limelight, thanks to BaByliis. It’s interesting to note that they are no longer being used to curl beards or anything like that.

Back to our initial point….
We now know that you must use a curling iron to get the job done. But do you know that the size of the barrel will make a huge difference in the outcome?

If the diameter is small, then it will create smaller curls on your hair. But, on the other hand, larger diameters, like 1.5” make larger waves. Again, the length of your hair, as well as the size of the curling iron will influence the amount of curls you achieve in the end. In other words, the more times you wrap your hair around the barrel, the more curls you’ll achieve in the end.

Step 2
Use The Right Material To Curl Your Hair
Curling irons come in a wide range of materials. They can be made from gold, tourmaline, ceramic, chrome and titanium.

The best choice to go with is tourmaline and ceramic irons. They enhance even heat distribution and frizz control for the best outcome. They are also a healthier tool for your hair.

On the other hand, Gold and Titanium will get super hot, and they can deliver decent curly hair as well. However, they are not a great choice in terms of heat and frizz control or protection.

Lastly, chrome irons are least recommended. They are inexpensive, plus they are available at any drug store. With chrome, you may notice that your hair is falling shortly afterwards. It may frizz or even grow fragile because of using this material.

These are top 5 automatic hair curlers in the market, which come with good ratings and affordable price from customers in Amazon.

Perfect Hair Guide Infographic

Step 3
Preparing Your Hair
If you can never get your curl to hold for long, then it means you’ve been missing out on this step, hence your curls let go after one or two hours.

Look for a product that hold your curls the whole day. You may also use a mousse or a gel. Use a curl-enhancing cream before drying your hair.

You can curl your hair after the second or third day — after applying shampoo. Use a hairspray on every section of your hair before curling since this will protect it from getting burned. A hairspray will also set the curls.

Step 4
How To Create Loose Waves
Clip all your dry hair up, except for the 2 inch section around the base of your neck area. This is done to allow you work your way up in a convenient manner. Comb every small section of your hair, then mist with a hairspray, and then wrap that hair with a large barrel curling iron.

Hold the curl in that position for 10 to 20 seconds, then release. Once that is done, clip the curl in place with something like a bobby pin. Repeat this process all over, until all your hair is curled. Let your hair cool down completely before removing the clips.

To achieve that soft, romantic look, brush them out gently.

Step 5
How To Achieve Smaller Bouncy Curls
To achieve smaller bouncy curls, you need to use the same technique as that of curling loose waves. The only difference is that you’ll need to use a smaller curling iron instead.

To begin, just clip all your hair up, except for the section you’re working on. The smaller the section, the more the curls. Begin from the base of your neck, and comb through your hair. Use a hairspray before wrapping hair with the barrel of the curling iron. Make sure you hold between 10 to 20 seconds before you release. Then clip with a bobby pin.

To style them, just use a wide-tooth comb, your fingers or just a brush.

– Ensure that you dry your hair properly before beginning the process. If your hair is damp or wet, it will not hold the curls, plus you might cause serious damage to your beloved hair.

– You could use double-prong clips or bobby pins to hold the curls in place. These are versatile, inexpensive, and very easy to use. Clipping is so important because it keeps the rest of the curls out of your way as you work other sections of your hair.

– Let your curls cool before styling.

– You must experiment the way you wrap your curls with the barrel. You can try rolling forward or backwards to see how it alters your look.

– And lastly, practice will make you perfect in what you’re doing. So if you fail to get pretty curls, don’t give up. Try until you learn how to curl your hair properly.

Curling your hair doesn’t need to be a daunting process once you follow the steps above. And when you have the right materials and you know what you are doing (as per the steps above), you can make it right.

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