Highlighting Tips for Makeup Newbies (Guest Post)


In case you didn’t know, highlighting is a massive hit in the beauty industry these days. In fact, it’s been quite popular for a few years now, which says more than enough about its importance. It gives you a dewy and youthful glow all the celebrities are striving for, and if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s high time you did! Here are five useful highlighting tips for makeup newbies.

Understand the term

Highlighting is often mentioned together with contouring – these two techniques were truly groundbreaking when they first appeared a couple of years ago. And let’s be honest, these are pretty much inseparable for a good reason. Whereas contouring means adding shadows to the face in order to sculpt and outline it, highlighting is just the opposite. It requires adding light to the face and making certain areas more prominent. Just think of Kim Kardashian, our contour and highlight goddess, and you’ll know what we’re talking about!

Know your face shape

Determining your face shape is the most important step before you actually start. A highlighter is to be applied differently depending on the six face shapes, so make sure that you have that covered.

Types of highlighters

As for the types of highlighting products, high-quality ones are essential for a fabulous, snatched look. Highlighters come in creams, powders, baked, or liquid products, so you can choose from a variety of them depending on your skin type. No matter which one you choose, you’ll get a dewy, sparkling look that brightens your face and steps up your whole makeup routine. You should also know that cream and liquid products are often a bit heavier, which makes them perfect for photo shoots, glamorous events, or if you prefer full coverage. On the other hand, powdery ones are good for ‘no makeup’ makeup look, since they are really light and simple to use.

Tools you need

When it comes to tools, there is one type of brush that’ll be more than enough for your highlighting needs. It’s a fan brush that picks up the right amount of the product and makes your cheeks pop out. However, if you don’t want to buy a brand-new brush just for highlighting, you can always use a small one meant for applying blush or even eye shadow. These will deposit more shine upon first application, which is great if you are up for a glamorous blinding look! On the other hand, makeup sponges are amazing for blending your creamy highlight products, so make sure you have one of these in your makeup bag.

Where to apply highlight

As already stated, highlighting is a technique that makes certain parts of the face more prominent by adding light. Your cheeks are the first place to apply a highlighter – do it right above your contoured cheekbones. Here’s a little tip: add blush between your bronzer and highlight for a perfect gradient look! Some other areas appropriate for illuminating are Cupid’s bow, the center of the chin, under the brow bone, and down the center of the nose. After all, if you’re not quite sure how to do it, you can always look up useful makeup tips online. There are thousands of step-by-step tutorials, so that you can’t go wrong with your highlight!

If you’re a highlighting newbie, we believe that you’ll find our tips more than useful. Once you have picked appropriate products and tools, all you have to do is to practice – repetition is the mother of learning, right? When you master this fabulous technique, you can think of yourself as of the queen of highlighting!

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Peter is a beauty editor at High Style Life magazine, living between UK and Australia. Beside writing, he loves cooking, making DIY cosmetics and to travel around tropical destinations. Follow Peter on Twitter for more beauty tips.

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