Ruffian Nails without stencils

Ruffian Nails also known as the “moon manicure” has been trending since 2010 and the look only gets better.

The good thing about trends is that there's innovation and upgrades that make every style elevated into a whole new level. 

I think this design looks wonderful, and it's a different spin on a French manicure look and it was really easy to do. 

I used Purple and Gold but you can use your favorite colors, I’ve been seeing an edgy matte vamped red and black Ruffian nail a lot for the fall trend.   

Here is what you need:

- Base Coat

- Gold Nail Polish

- Purple Nail Polish

- Top Coat

- With all manicures start off with nails that are clean, smooth and buffed before applying your Base Coat.

- For your crescent moon, apply Gold Polish to the entire nail. Most ruffian nail art will have a light color as the moon crescent and a dark color on top. Let dry completely.  

- Apply the Purple nail polish onto the nail leaving the gold peeking out near the cuticle area. You want to apply a curved line. I would go up and curved to the sides. 

- Apply your Top Coat. This will protect and seal your beautiful ruffian nails. 

You can also be super creative and add a matte finish, tiny polka dots or nail jewelry to complete the look and make your ruffian nails look amazing!! 

*You can use French manicure stickers. Turn them upside down. Make sure your base color is completely dry before putting on the stickers*

Hope you liked this Ruffian Manicure!