Tattoo Trends for 2017 (Guest Post)

The year behind us was pretty exciting for tattoo design.  The trends went in a couple of different directions, all challenging the perception of what tattoos can be.
Realism is still a dominant idea for a lot of tattoo artists, but on the other hand more simplistic trends such as “stick and poke” have not lost ground either (of course neither is minimalism itself).

Here’s a list of trends you can expect to continue in 2017.

Single line tattoos

Minimalist tattoos have been around for awhile and this trend has grown out of them. It’s basically a tattoo made using a single continuous line. This makes the tattoos both clean and visually striking. They were especially popularized by German-Iranian artist, Mo Ganji. The tattoos are usually done just in black, but they don’t have to be. It’s safe to expect that they will be even more popular in 2017; they’re challenging for the artist and allow for a lot of creativity and personal expression.

Black out tattoos

Small, even miniature tattoos were hot for a while, but now the trends are going in a completely opposite direction.  The body is covered with large black areas with just a few white lines used to create shapes and images. This style is based on ancient Polynesian art. Obviously, this trend will be popular only with a small group of people, because it’s very hard to do such tattoos, pretty painful and almost impossible to cover them up. They are pretty amazing to look at nonetheless.

Double exposure tattoo

This style takes inspiration from the double exposure photography. It refers to superimposition of two different exposures to create a single image. This creates an effect of two images blending into one. Doing the same is especially interesting in tattoos because of the sense of depth – there is a feeling that one of the images is underneath the other. It’s really hard to execute, but if it’s done right, the tattoo looks amazing. This trend is being popularized by celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang.

Skull tattoos

Like with all other trends, things go in and out of style periodically.  This is what’s happened with skull tattoos. For a while, they have been kind of weird and not really popular, but now they’re having a comeback, especially because realism in general is very popular. These tattoos can be as large and as colorful as you want them to be. They can also be mixed with a variety of different styles in order to express your own individuality. They’re going to be huge next year.

Tribal sun tattoos

This ornament is becoming increasingly popular and it’s going to continue to trend according to experts doing custom tattoos in Sydney. It’s also an ancient symbol, with a complicated role in the mythology of South American indigenous people. What makes it so popular these days is the fact that it can be altered in a lot of different ways and it looks good on both women and men. It can also be tiny and elegant or quite large and daring (for instance, going across the entire back).

Geometric tattoos

This style has been increasingly popular, mostly due to social media attention it gets. Several influential tattoo artists use their Instagram accounts to promote this aesthetic and it’s working.
These tattoos are usually in black and white and geometrical shapes can obviously be used to create all kinds of looks and aesthetics.

As it is often the case, experts can guess what will people like, but it’s always possible that some new and daring trend will emerge out of nowhere.

One thing is certain, it’s going to be an exciting year for tattoo enthusiasts.

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