Tips for How to Choose the Right Glasses for Your Face (Guest Post)

Eyewear has become a huge trend in the previous several years. Whether a person had an actual problem with their sight, or they just wanted to complete their outfit with a trendy pair of glasses, almost everyone had a pair of spectacles with them.
However, if you want the glasses to look perfect, you must choose the right frame, which can be challenging sometimes. You should consider numerous factors in order to end up with a perfect pair of spectacles.

Know the Shape of Your Face

It’s essential that you know whether your face is an oval, square, triangular, round, or heart shaped, before you choose the glasses. If your face is proportionally rounded and the chin is pointed, then you have an oval face. Strong and wide chin and as wide and strong forehead is the characteristic of a square face. The prominent features of a triangular face are a narrow forehead and a strong wide jaw, while full cheeks alongside rounded forehead and full chin characterize a round face. If you have a wide forehead, high cheekbones and a pointed chin, you have a heart-shaped face.

Choose the Frame According to the Face Shape

Once you’ve figured out what the shape of your face is, it’ll be much easier to narrow down the choice of glasses you’d like to buy. The suitable frames for an oval face are those with a strong bridge, that are also geometric in shape and wider than the broadest part of the face. The best choice for square faces is an oval frame. A thin round frame that is slightly wider than the cheekbones could also make the face look nice because it’ll balance the hard lines of a square face. Cat-eye glasses and the ones with darker tops and lighter bottoms are the models you should look for if you have a triangular face. Furthermore, square and rectangular frames will flatter round faces the most, because of their hard angles. A heart-shaped face will look best with a frame that’s wider at the bottom and slightly wider than the forehead.

Think About the Colours

The shape of your face isn’t the only factor you should pay attention to when choosing the perfect eyewear frame. You should also think about the colour of your skin. A cool skin tone will look best with a frame in a cool colour. Consider sapphire, magenta, plum, emerald, ruby, amethyst and silver colours for the best effect. On the other hand, a warm skin tone requires colours as gold, caramel, copper, khaki, beige, mustard, orange and yellow. Check out the vas choice of frames that Zoom Optics offers and you’ll definitely find an excellent frame for your face shape and skin tone.

Proportion is Crucial

Another significant factor that will affect the choice of your glasses is the size of your face. Unlike the sunglasses, for optical glasses it’s essential that the ones you choose are proportional to your face and that the frame sits at the right position. The frame shouldn’t be too small or too big in proportion to your face. Be sure to choose the one frame whose top goes right underneath the curve of the eyebrows.

Whether you want to make a fashion statement with a pair of glasses, or you actually need them to see better, be sure to choose the appropriate frame for your face. Consider the shape and size of your face, as well as the colour of your skin. Follow these couple of tips and you’ll be rocking the perfect pair of glasses and look amazing.

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