Do's & Don'ts of Winter Makeup (Guest Post)

Maintaining your daily beauty routine during the winter season can be difficult sometimes. Cold air, wind and snow may harm your skin and spoil your makeup, but if you make few changes and modify your habits in accordance with the weather conditions, you’ll nail the winter beauty look. Here are some tips how to achieve this goal.

Set the base

If you want your makeup to resist challenging conditions and last longer, set a proper base for the rest of the makeup with a primer and foundation.
DO: Use a concealer or a green-tinted moisturizer with calming effect to cover up the redness caused by the wind and cold.
DON’T: When you wrap a scarf around your face, it can mess your makeup, so if you want to avoid smudged look, don’t use a heavy foundation and don’t apply it in more than one layer.

Prepare your skin for a foundation

Moisturizing is the most important part of a winter beauty routine, because the skin becomes even drier in these conditions. Dry patches can break out no matter how much concealer and foundation you apply, so ensure natural hydration and glow with a healthy and well-cared for skin with quality and proven cosmetic, like Thalgo skincare products.

DO: Don’t get fooled by cloudy and gloomy weather; the Sun can equally harm your skin during summer and winter. Moisturize your face several times a day by applying a face cream with SPF. This way your skin will be hydrated and protected not only from cold air, but also from sunrays. For even better results, apply a rich night cream before going to sleep.

DON’T: A proper cleaning should be your daily beauty tasks, but avoid using foaming, gel-based cleansers because they contain skin-stripping ingredients which can dry your skin out. Adjust your cleansing routine to winter conditions and opt for creamy cleansers instead.

DO: Practice exfoliation once in a week and if you don’t have time for a proper treatment, use a wet towel and gently rub the dry area.

Careful with blusher

Maybe the only benefit from a cold weather is that it can secure a naturally blushed skin, so if you do the preparation phase right, you’ll save some time when it comes to blushing.
DO: Use a cream blusher to add some glow and color on your face and don’t forget to blend it with the foundation if you want to create a natural makeup look.
DON’T: Let the nature do you a favor and don’t apply too much of a blusher or bronzer; relay on a natural redness instead.

Smooth lips

Fall and winter are the right seasons to try out bold lip colors. Darker colors will perfectly complement the gloomy weather, but if you want to accent your lips and get the right effect, you should take a good care of them; otherwise they will look chapped and dry.

DO: Use a natural lip balm to moisturize and exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub (or a tooth-brush) regularly in order to remove dead cells and create smooth and soft surface before applying a lipstick. This way it will absorb better into lips and stay longer.

DON’T: Avoid using lip-gloss during the winter time, because it can dry out your lips and choose a quality lipstick with moisturizing ingredients instead.

The perfect eye makeup

Since the winter is a season for lip makeup, create a balance with reduced but effective eye makeup styles, like cat-eyes and smoky look.
DO: Cold wind can make you shed tears, so prevent an eye makeup meltdown by using waterproof mascara and a liquid eyeliner that supposed to keep everything in its place.
DON’T: Avoid icy and frosty shades of eye-shadows, because they can make your skin look washed-out and opt for metallic and bronze ones instead.

Nail the holiday look

Winter season comes with many jolly holidays, and holidays mean party and celebration time. These occasions require a special makeup, so here are few tips how to create the perfect holiday makeup.
DO: Get the festive look with some colors, sparkle and glitter. Spice up your look with silver or gold sparkly eye shadows and eyeliners, or maybe the ones in some crazy color, like violet, blue or white.
DON’T: Yes, glitter is welcome, but in the right dose. Don’t exaggerated with too much sparkling makeup; choose the part of your face you want to accent and keep the rest of it neutral. It’s all about the balance. If you go for sparkly eyes, choose a reduced lipstick; or, if you opt for bold and shiny lips, keep the eye makeup on the minimum.
Once you introduce these tips into your daily beauty routine, you’ll easily manage all challenges of winter, accent your features in the easiest way possible and be ready to embrace all the possibilities the cheerful and merry forthcoming holidays have to offer.

Author Bio:
Peter is a beauty editor at High Style Life magazine, living between UK and Australia. Beside writing, he loves cooking, making DIY cosmetics and to travel around tropical destinations. Follow Peter on Twitter for more beauty tips.

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