How to add Texture to you Hair - Video Tutorial

Adding texture to your hairstyle will give your hair bounce and dimension — texture makes your hair look more lived-in and effortless.

This brings structure and movement to your everyday hairstyle and its ideal for those who want to add life back into their hair without doing a huge change.

There are several products you can use to add texture to your hair.

Texture or Sea Salt Spray
You can either spray this onto wet or dry hair. A little spray goes a long way so use sparingly.

These little powders really pack a punch! Apply to the scalp and also to the mid to the ends of the hair and scrunch.

What you’re looking for is a non-greasy matte finish. The smallest amount goes a long way so start small and add later.

In this Video Tutorial I use Dry Shampoo because it is a product I always have on hand.

Dry shampoo is the easiest way to add texture and dimension to your hair. My favorite trick is to spray various sections, let the spray sit for about 10 seconds and then massage into the hair and scalp.

This can add volume and help curls or waves to stay separate and not morph into one big section.
This way I can get a textured look without it looking too perfect.

Dry Shampoo is such a versatile product!

You are able to achieve any looks you want without weighing down your hair and it works for any hair type.

It's also great for beach waves, second day hair, ponytails, updos and braiding -- basically any time you need a little rough volume.

I hope these tips are helpful and please let me know your tips for adding texture to your hair!