How to Get the Perfect Blowout - Video Tutorial

To avoid as little heat damage as possible I like to air dry my hair but with the cooler winter weather I usually have to blow dry my hair. 

It’s sometimes difficult to get that gorgeous blown out look without taking a huge amount of time and if you are like me and have wavy hair, it sometimes goes wavy and frizzy a few hours later.

In this Video Tutorial, I show some easy tips to achieve the perfect blow-out at home.

- Duck bill Clips
- Flat Iron

Prep Time

Gently pat or scrunch hair with a towel. Be sure to remove any excess moisture.

Allow hair to air dry to 75% dry.

Detangle your hair by brushing with fingers.

Gently dry hair for a couple minutes, using a blow dryer on a medium heat setting. If you have thick textured hair apply smoothing product to better control/style your hair.


Section your hair into pieces.

Using your round brush, beginning at your roots, blow dry your hair downward until mid-length. The  ends of hair dry the fastest, so concentrate on the top part of the hair (Scalp to mid-length).

The nozzle should steadily follow your brush so that the air is directed downwards.
Repeat with each section. 
Make sure your hair is fully dry—but do not overheat hair.

Ironing out All the Flaws

Use a flat iron to smooth out any cowlicks or wavy parts missed in the blow-out.

Adding extra Volume

Using a large round brush, blow dry sections at the top of the head (see Video) and allow the section to cool.

Maintaining Your New Do

Apply your favorite product and avoid touching your hair often, natural oils on the finger tips can make your hair greasy. 

To avoid damage, try to not blow-out your hair every day.

I hope you found this helpful :)