Striped Manicure

This striped mani is great if you are new to using a nail striper or even just playing with lines using a toothpick.

Lines can be pretty difficult if you don't have a steady hand. That's where tools come in handy. 

It ends up looking great and no one would know it was a few easy steps.  

I used Purple, White and Silver colors but you can use your favorite colors.

It would be great with red, green and white for a Christmas theme or Pinks and Reds for a Valentine’s theme – basically for any occasion!

Here is what you need:

- Apply your Base Coat. Apply your Base Color (I used Purple), let dry completely.

- Start by applying a line down the center of the nail, then a line to the left side of the nail and then one more line on the right.

- You can leave the nail like that or add more lines in between the ones you just did using a different color.

- Apply your Top Coat. This will protect and seal your beautiful nails.