Cupcake Nails!

I've got a cute little manicure to show you today- cupcake nails!

I had these nails for my birthday and can’t believe I didn’t share them on a blog post yet…

When broken down into steps they are really simple to do and you can do them in any color combination.

I made pink cupcakes but you can use any color that suits your style.

Here’s what you need:

- Several colors of polish for sprinkles (optional)

Step One:
Apply a Base Coat to protect your nails. Apply a dark pink polish to the tips of the nails.

Step Two:
Using a nail striper or a toothpick, apply stripes down the dark part of the nail.

Step Three:
Using a sponge, I used an old eyeshadow sponge, dip into white nail polish and dab it onto the nail above the pink polish.

I found this gave a fluffy dimensional look.

Step Four: (optional)
Apply some dots or short lines on the white part for sprinkles. You can also add a red dot on top for a cherry or a colored line for a candle.

Step Five:
Apply a fast drying top coat!

Super cute Cupcake nails – perfect for any party!!