Icicle Nail Design

The new Icicle Nail trend blends frosty shades with glitter, sparkles and even snowflake decals.

You can capture the gorgeous way ice reflects light by adding crystals and glitter or use metallic shades of blue.

Icicle nails are pretty easy to create using a blue base color and a toothpick or nail striper for the icicle tips.

Here’s what you need:

- Base Coat 
- Medium Blue Nail Polish
- White Nail Polish 
- Silver Nail Polish
- Glitter Nail Polish (Optional)
- Fast Drying Top Coat 
- Toothpick or Nail Striper 

Step One:
Apply Base Coat to protect your natural nails. Apply two coats of the Blue Nail Polish. Let Dry.

Step Two:
Using a toothpick or nail striper lightly dipped in white nail polish, apply lines to the tips of the nails. The lines can be different lengths (short, long).

Step Three:
Repeat with Silver nail polish, if needed add some glitter polish lines as well.

Step Four:
Apply a fast drying Top Coat to protect the nails.

Beautiful and subtle!

You can add more glitter or crystal gems to add more glam.

If you have shorter nails this design is perfect for you because it makes the nails look longer!

Hope you enjoyed this Nail Design!

Please share you recreations with me on Instagram using #BU10nails.