Sole Patches Product Review

*This post is sponsored by Sole Patches through a campaign on BrandBacker

When I was younger I used to wear heels all the time but now that I’m older I have sore painful feet after wearing heels for half an hour.

There are some really cute shoes out there – especially in the summer.

I recently had the opportunity to try Sole Patches through BrandBacker.

Sole Patches were invented by Jenn Hwang, inspired by her love of wearing high heels, but not pain that went with it. She created one size cushion insert pads that use PORON®, which absorbs the shock that creates pain when walking in heels. PORON® also has antimicrobial properties and repels both moisture and foot odor.

Sole Patches come in a super cute flower shape and can either be worn on the heel or the ball of the foot.

With Sole Patches, you have the option to stick the pads directly onto your feet or onto the soles of your shoes. The adhesive doesn’t wear off after one use, so you can take them off and reuse them more than once.

A package contains 6 cushion pads.

For myself, I preferred sticking the insert to the shoe, right now it’s winter, here in Edmonton we just had some really cold weather – could only wear boots most days.

I have tried different inserts in the past, but Sole Patches are much easier to fit in shoes and you don’t need to cut it to make it your size.

The inserts stayed in place and didn’t seem to lose it’s cushioning throughout the day.  

I found that I did need the right placement, especially on the ball of my foot. It was very uncomfortable if the insert wasn’t in the right spot.

Before an event I would make sure they have the right placement ahead of time.

They do help.

Overall I would be likely to wear Sole Patches for a special event where I knew I would be in uncomfortable shoes for a long time.

I’m definitely buying some cute heeled sandals this summer!

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*This product was provided to me for testing purposes
courtesy of  BrandBacker
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