Up Your Lip Color Game in 2017 (Guest Post)

The way you keep your lips speaks volumes on how you treat your overall beauty regimen and hygiene; and while the first idea associated with lips is sensuality, truth is – the way our lips look and the color we grace them with can serve as not only a real mood lifter but as well as a statement to your attitude towards everything you do or the pizzazz you look to achieve.

To all of you goddesses who are looking to upgrade their lip game in 2017, we’re giving you a palette of colors that will be super-hot all throughout the year.


Believe it or not, the trend isn’t going anywhere for another year! Apparently, not only was 2016 the year of nude and light shades, but 2017 as well seems like it will keep that film rolling. We kind of like it, though. With all the contouring and heavy makeup, a pink(ish) lip is very refreshing.

Neutral yet always fabulous, nude shades (especially matte if not matte ONLY) are always a dear friend and a great add to almost any outfit. Depending on the way you match it to the rest of your makeup, nude shades are perfect for both edgy and elegant, girly vibes but for a glam edition, too. We love that nudes are still in, as they work well with both plump and thin lips.

Yaaaaaaaaas!  Probably the favorite shade of 2017, lavender is crushing it with all types of skin and virtually every outfit you hope to pull. We love it on women for business meetings, casual day dates or HC parties at night. The color itself may give away a drab feel if you pair it up with cold eyeshadows and too much strobing glow so be careful to choose your options wisely. With a neutral face, lavender works as a fabulous pop.

Crushed cherry
We love, love, love the color, especially in cold winter days; crushed cherry is somewhat mysterious, dark and serious, but that doesn’t change the fact it’s incredibly sexy and edge. Not everyone can pull it off but those who can – are crushing it.

Naturally, all the girls who want to look stunning with their crushed cherry lip color should make sure their smile is pearly white; to fix the smile, invest in teeth whitening and/or adult braces and you’ll see yourself glowing.

Deep maroon

Similar to the crushed cherry, although a bit deeper in hue, deep maroon is the perfect option for all the women and girls who wish to channel their inner feisty diva. The color works perfectly for cold winter days, especially if you give it a little lux with some glitter on the eyes and a rich blush. You can wear it with your hair sleek back or lose down, depending on what effect you are trying to achieve.


All things purple, please! Beginning of year 2016 was marked by light shades of purple (similar to light lavender) while the middle and end surprised us with screaming purple that looked perfect on all types of skin, olive especially. Pair it up with dark blush shades on your cheekbones and you’ll look marvelous!

Metallic orange

Apparently, 2017 is bringing yet another twist in the lip domain; we’re to expect an explosion of metallics (as suggested with trends dominating the end of 2016), and one of the shades to look for is metallic orange. Not many can wear it, but those with just enough sass will definitely enjoy their right to shine orange!

With the amazing lip shades that are about to grace 2017 with their presence, this is your time to experiment and find the color that suits you perfectly. 
Enjoy every second of it!

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Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to beauty and alternative medicine. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.

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