Ways Positive Thinking Can Change Your Life

Looking on the bright side can go a long way.

"See the glass half full", "find the silver lining", "look on the bright side"...there are endless sayings that are so regularly recited, sometimes they don't seem to carry much meaning, especially on the days when a metaphorical storm cloud seems to be hovering over your head for days, weeks or months.

Becoming a positive thinker isn't as simple as looking at a motivational poster more often.

It's easier said than done and it takes practice.

When you routinely practice positive thinking, it can change your life for the better.

Positive thinking is not a belief that everything is OK even when it isn’t but more about maintaining balance.

Once you are able to transform negative thoughts into positive ones, you'll begin to notice a change, not only in yourself, but in other aspects of your life from relationships to even your physical appearance.

Sound Mind

Positive thinking absolutely affects your mental health.

Depression and anxiety have been directly linked to negative thoughts, so it is definitely best to try and focus on the bright side.

The brain tends to repeat familiar things over and over, repeating a mantra, an affirmation, or a choice over and over creates new pathways, which eventually become automatic.

Automatic positive thoughts will put your mind at ease. This makes you better equipped to make difficult decisions and helps you to stop second-guessing yourself.

With clear goals and less-clouded judgment, you will be motivated to reach desired goals since you will now see them as attainable.

Strengthens the Body

Positive thinking may seem to only directly affect your mental health, but changing an attitude can be just as beneficial for your physical health.

Positive thinking reduces the effects of stress hormones on the body and allows the body to draw on its instinctive healing abilities.

Negative thinking activates centers of the brain that cause stress hormones to be released.

Regularly harboring positive thoughts can make your body more resilient and help it combat ailments by releasing neuro-hormones to offset stress hormones.

If the negative thoughts succeed the body becomes worn down, exhausted, and the immune system is weakened.

Gives You a Glow

In addition to helping your body on the inside, positive thinking can work wonders on your outer appearance too.

Focusing on negative things increases the stress hormones in the body.

Stress may not be the root of skin problems, but it can be a trigger for pre-existing conditions such as acne and eczema.

Having a smile can quickly put you on the path of positive thinking – pretty easy right?

Research shows that maintaining a pleasant, happy expression actually lifts your mood and a better mood translates into a healthier look.

This will keep those stress levels under control and help keep your skin clear, giving you a healthy glow.


One of the most important benefits of positive thinking is the ability to change the way you see yourself.

Most people don't realize that they are responsible for their own feelings, and no one else is responsible for making them feel better.

Take some time to become aware of what you're saying to yourself - Is it a constant stream of negativity?

It can be just as stressful as if someone was constantly over your shoulder, saying negative things - breaking you down.

Once you begin to have a more positive attitude, you'll begin to build confidence and a sense of certainty, because you'll start to trust and believe in yourself.

The first person you need to be in a relationship with is yourself.

Someone one told me: “Nobody else can love you if you can’t love yourself”.

Be kind to yourself and bring positive thoughts to yourself, all the other benefits will gently unfold and increase over time.

Strengthens Relationships

Positive thinking will eventually extend out towards those around you.

Positive thinking can help you develop compassion -not only toward yourself, but toward others.

This can lead to better understanding, kindness, and cooperation, which will help build the many relationships in your life, from family, significant others, and coworkers.

Having a positive attitude will attract positive people.

Getting Started

To receive the benefits of positive thinking, implement simple changes to your daily routine and slowly shift your mindset.

- Write positive comments on your daily calendar/ journal for any achievements you want to celebrate or any instances that made you feel good (i.e. feeling proud because you went to the gym, your boss gave you positive feedback, you received a compliment).

- Actively take part in things that make you happy, even if you need to schedule it into your daily routine (i.e. catch up with an old friend, listen to your favorite songs, paint, read).

- Surround yourself with visible evidence of your successes. Display photos, awards etc. It's a constant reminder that you appreciate yourself and when you see them daily, you'll feel the appreciation.

- Surround yourself with positivity. Whether it is your desk at work, a wall at home or your nightstand, display something that makes you happy. It doesn’t have to be a whole room or wall - Your favorite quote, a picture of your kids or in my case my cats – anything you can look over at that will make you smile.

- Develop a peaceful place in your mind that you can "visit" whenever you are stressed, anxious or uncomfortable. Think about a place, real or imagined, that gives you a feeling of calmness. Close your eyes and totally immerse yourself in the experience of that place. Imagine your peaceful place frequently at first so you can call upon it any time you will need to.

I hope these tips help you to a new life of positive thinking!!