Featured on Fix Your Skin’s Expert Roundup on Best Organic Skin Care Tips 2017!!

I recently found out about FixYourSkin.com. 

The site was started in November of 2015 to provide health and beauty advice, accessible skin care, as well as to create a sense of community to listen and help others with their health and beauty issues.

Hannah, from FixYourSkin.com, contacted me in regards to a skin care roundup she was creating, which consisted of 200+ bloggers and skin care experts providing their Top Three Best Tips for organic skin care. 

I can’t believe they asked me to take part in this awesome project.  It was such an honor!

The website is super cool and reading through these tips was great - I found so much great advice!

The site has "The Top Best" lists, pros and cons as well as how to use the products and what to look for when purchasing them. 

 Not only do they have bloggers like myself giving advice but they also include factual information and resources. 

To see my contribution to the Roundup, visit 

 For more skincare advice definitely visit their website at http://fixyourskin.com/