How to Style Naturally Curly Hair for Girls Who Usually Go Straight (Guest Post)

Are you one of the women who has gone through an endless amount of write-ups and tips on how to style your naturally curly hair? Perhaps you’ve noticed how each article explained how their tips would provide you a great result but later on, you learned that they are difficult to do. In this article, you will find some easy-to-do ideas on how to style your naturally curly hair and sport the best mane that you could. No need to go for a straight hair when you can rock your curly hair in the best way.

  1. Say no-no to brush
Most of us tend to use brushes because they are the first thing that we see and we naturally make use of their purpose. But little did you know that they break your hair and destroy the shape of your curls. Instead, use your fingertips or just opt for brushes with a wide tooth. They are safer to use.

  1. Use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.
It’s important to opt for a product that won’t damage your hair. Be sure that your shampoo and conditioner are the right product for your hair type—specifically the one which does that have sulfate content in it. Also get rid of the products which have a silicone content in them. These products tend to discourage moisture from getting into the roots of your hair, thus making your hair dull and dry.

Also take note that there are shampoos and conditioners that are specifically created for those who have curly hair so when you see any of them in stores, try to check it out. They may not be necessary but they help emphasize your curls.

Also, consider opting for leave-in conditioners as they make your lock even smoother and well-moisturized all the way through.

  1. Use curl-enhancing products.
It’s good to experiment sometimes to know which products possibly work for you. There are curl-styling creams that you can try and these products are helpful especially in adding more curls to hair and defining them to a whole new level. After washing your hair, add a little curl styling cream to your still wet hair, then comb it using your fingertips or a wide-tooth comb. Make sure you can work from the ends of your hair to the roots in order to keep your hair from breaking.

Next, apply a curl-defining gel from the root to the tip so the effect will more a lot smoother. Once finished, make use of your fingers and munch your hair so it will look more defined.

  1. Let your hair dry naturally.
Most people find it a must to use hair dryers but ideally, it is best not to rely on them unless you are in a hurry and you don’t want to miss a certain occasion. Let your hair dry naturally by air drying it. Wait for it to dry in its own time and avoid rubbing your hair because this will break your hair and will make your hair frizzy. Take note, however, that curly hair naturally dries slower than straight hair because it’s much thicker.

  1. Use a hair diffuser to dry your hair if you are in a hurry.
It can’t be helped when sometimes you just can’t wait for your hair to be fully dried. In this case, you can choose a hair diffuser to do the work. A hair diffuser is a device that is usually attached to the end of a hair dryer so can prevent the direct heat from ruining your hair. To use it, you have to use its prongs so your curls around your scalp will be dried. Then work the diffuser down to the back and the sides and then down to the tips of your hair.

Remember to position your hair upside down underneath your hair and push your locks up when you’re using the diffuser. This is to make your curls more defined and well-emphasized. Also remember to opt for a hotter setting so your hair will be a lot glossier.

If your hair is wavy, do not push your curls up using your diffuser. Instead, point the device straight at your hair.

  1. Use a spray for a finishing.
Make use of your spray so your curls will be at their right places. Be sure to opt for a spray that is with a medium-hold so the beauty of your curls lasts longer. What are the sprays to stay away from? Hair sprays with alcohol should be a no-no because they make your hair look dry and dull. If you do not have a spray, settle for a hair product with a little serum or wax so your hair stays fabulous.

Styling your naturally curly hair, as a whole, is a lot simpler when you know the tricks. The best way to make your curly hair look amazing all the time is to follow these rules and stick to them. You can’t go wrong with simple yet effective tips!

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