Love, Lust and Scents - Aphrodisiacs

I had to share this post just in time for Valentine’s Day!!

From scented candles to massage oils and more, it’s not hard to find a range of products that are scented specifically to inspire romance.

Desire starts in our brains literally, and it’s triggered when we see, hear, think about, smell, taste or touch something that stimulates our senses.

Then signals are sent from our brains through to our nervous systems and wham! We're overcome with desire.

For centuries, foods, perfumes and essential oils have had a hand in increasing our passion.

These aphrodisiacs come in many forms, chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon and lavender are said to really stimulate the senses.


From its taste to its aroma, this treat has been associated with love and passion since the time when the Aztecs would use chocolate to seduce their mates.

It’s believed that just the scent alone can cause a spike in dopamine and endorphins, which releases a feel-good hormone.

Although I could eat chocolate every day, health wise it’s only good to use in moderation so a strawberry or two dipped in dark chocolate every once in a while couldn’t hurt.


When it comes to intoxicating scents, it’s no wonder you’ll find Vanilla almost everywhere from candles to soaps to body washes.

This natural mood enhancer contains Piperonal, which has a euphoric effect on your brain and it makes you and your partner feel close.

It is the fragrance of Vanilla that acts upon sexual stimulation in both men and women.

Enjoy the vanilla candles!!


Cinnamon has been held in esteem for its powerful medicinal qualities.

It has been helpful in guarding against colds, to flavor both sweet and savory dishes as well as an aromatherapy agent for relaxation.

Spicy and stimulating, Cinnamon also has a long history as an aphrodisiac.

In the Old Testament, romantic verses celebrated the sensory excitement offered by cinnamon: "I have perfumed my bed with myrrh, aloes and cinnamon. Come let us take our fill of love till morning." (Proverbs 7, 17-18).

In Rome the word cinnamon was the same as calling someone "sweetheart" or "darling".

Cinnamon has been said to increase sexual appetites when consumed. It produces “heat” within the body making it the perfect addition for a date night.

Add a little “heat” to your evening with a massage made with cinnamon massage oil, you and a partner are sure to turn up the heat.


 You might think of lavender as a relaxing scent but this wonderful fragrance has also been known as the “herb of love” for centuries.

Throughout history, people have used sprigs of lavender and lavender oil to scent their clothes and linens. Just one sniff can help relax the mind and stimulate the senses for men and women.

There are numerous ways to incorporate Lavender into your daily life that could also benefit your love life.

 - Lavender perfumes are easy to wear and affordable.

- Spray your sheets and bedding with Lavender.

- Use an aromatherapy diffuser with Lavender essential oil in your bedroom or wherever you want that lovely fragrance to be.


Historically, the rose has served as a symbol of love and inspiration. Rose oil has the inspiring power to awaken the human heart.

Rose petals have a long history of being used during marriage rituals, decorating the wedding banquet hall and honeymoon space.

These beautiful flowers have an equally beautiful scent- just one sniff and roses immediately make us feel happier, more relaxed and romantic.

A Rose’s oil has restorative and elevating effect on the spirit and emotions making it useful for healing emotional scars, forgiving old hurts and opens space for fresh growth and reassuring you of new possibilities.

Its aphrodisiac effect may help alleviate impotence and frigidity for both men and women. It may also relieve mood swings from hormonal fluctuations making it excellent during major life transitions, such as puberty, marriage, birth and menopause.

So go out and buy some candles, massage oils and/or make some yummy scented treats to enjoy time with your sweetie :)

Have a Wonderful Valentine’s day!