Makeup Lighting Tips for Perfect Makeup Application

I know sometimes when I apply my makeup in the morning and in Edmonton it’s still dark outside until 8:00 am in the winter months, later on I catch a glimpse of myself in a well-lit area, and my makeup is horrific.

I feel like Bridget Jones in The Edge of Reason (sad face)…

The right makeup lighting will help make sure your beauty products are applied smoothly and you look flawless.

Here are some lighting tips to get the best makeup application.

Lighted mirrors offer bright diffused lighting. Some also have a magnified side to help illuminate any trouble spots that need extra coverage.

Soft halo, lighted mirrors make it easier to create a flawless complexion.

Install extra lighting in Bathroom

Being well lit from multiple angles makes sure that shadows aren't cast over your face while you do your makeup.

You can achieve excellent lighting in your bathroom by installing light fixtures along both sides of your mirror at eye level.

Some fixtures are reasonably priced and are easy to install.

Stand in Front of the Light

Standing directly in front of the light source can eliminate any shadows that are caused by overhead lights.

This will allow you to apply the right amount of coverage and the products won’t appear too heavy or caked-on.

Use More Than One Light
You'll have an easier time applying makeup correctly by adding soft, diffused lights at face level.

Turn on an extra lamp while applying makeup, this way you will be able to see any streaks and makeup will be blended in well.

Natural Light is best

Natural light offers an indication of what your makeup will look like outdoors, and it illuminates your face evenly.

If possible, open the blinds in the room, apply makeup during the day when the sun is bright and can light up the room.

Avoid Recessed Lighting
Recessed Light is a light fixture that is installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling.

Although they look nice it makes pigmentation and wrinkles to stand out, and shadows that can make you look older.

It's the worst for those who want their makeup to look even and natural instead of caked on.

Avoid Florescent Lights
Have you ever purchased something like clothing or makeup in a store only to find the color looks horrible once you’ve tried it on at home?

Many stores use Fluorescent lighting but when applying makeup this type of lighting creates an illusion of an unhealthy skin tone, causing you to apply too much makeup.

It’s best to avoid fluorescent lighting when applying makeup.

I hope you found these tips helpful, please leave any comments in the section below : )