Ways to Be More Optimistic going into Spring

Some of us live in areas where it is warm and spring-like one day and then cold and snowy for weeks and  then we set the clocks ahead for daylight savings and many of us wake up to a darker sky feeling sluggish thanks to a one hour loss of sleep.

So how do we not let the cold weather and time change affect us mentally?

Focus on the good
When you focus on the things that make you happy in your life then more great things will come.
What do you appreciate seeing, smelling, touching, tasting, and listening to?

Within a few weeks you'll train the mind to switch from a negative thought to appreciative positive thoughts.

Make plans

Making plans to see relatives, to see a movie or to travel helps get our minds moving towards something positive to look forward to so that we can be hopeful and optimistic.

Make plans to do 3 things per month for the next 3 months.

Choose things that you know will bring you joy and then go do them!

Feeling excited about what is coming and talking about how fun it was keeps us optimistic and forward moving.

Only Control what you can
We can get pessimistic and worry about the worst possible outcomes when we realize that we cannot control every detail.

This leads to anxiety and an even stronger feeling of having to control.

Figure out what needs to get done. What actions you can take.

Then let go of anything else that is beyond your control with the belief that everything will turn out fine.

You can even try to envision the desired (positive) outcome.

Limit your news watching and avoid it before bed
People wake up and reach for their smartphone to check out the news headlines.

They then turn on the TV news as background noise while getting ready.

They listen to news in their cars, have news alerts going off on their phones all day, catch the evening news and then the 11pm news before bed.

No wonder they're less optimistic!

What you choose to look at will impact your mood, opt for more positive things to read about or listen to.

Don’t snooze. Instead just breathe
When the alarm goes off, give yourself a few minutes to just lay there, eyes closed and focus on your breathing.

Breathe in counting to 4 and then breathe out counting to 4.

 Deep breathing is a form of meditation and in the morning, you have a small window of opportunity to decide what kind of day you want it to be. 

Distract yourself with something that requires focus
The key is to pick something you truly enjoy doing and do it daily.

It can be painting, coloring, yoga, walk or jog, listening to music and dancing around your living room.

When you are fully engaged in something, you can’t contemplate which leads to pessimism so just get up and do it!

Make feeling good top priority
When you commit to feeling good you instantly start to think more optimistically.

When you’re aware of your own negativity and shift to positive thoughts you feel powerful like you can conquer anything.