I love trying out new beauty products! As someone who is always trying new things, it is hard to stick to one product, because if it doesn’t work well, it’s always “on to the next one…”

And that is ESPECIALLY true with mascara.

CoverGirl recently became the first major makeup brand to feature a male in their advertising campaign, introducing the world to the concept of men in makeup. I applaud their decision to take the first step in recognizing men in the beauty industry and putting James Charles out there as the face of the brand.

This brush was designed to be an all-inclusive brush - the wand allows you to mold and build the lashes regardless of your lash type.

The brush looks futuristic, with negative spaces between the bristles and a spikey ball on the end.

There are shorter bristles that load the brush with product to create volume, longer bristles for 
creating length, and the ball at the end is for catching tiny lashes.

I started with the volumizing side and then turned the wand to the lengthening side. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it separated my lashes. I used the ball to get the inner and outer corners, which can be really hard to get.

I like the versatility of the brush and the formula is flake free and easy to remove with makeup remover.

I didn’t like how stiff the lashes felt, it would have been nice to have a softer formula.

With my teary eyes, I also it left some smudging under my eyes throughout the day. I have incredibly teary eyes so it could just be me.

COVERGIRL So Lashy! BlastPRO Mascara comes in five colors and is available in a waterproof version as well, Extreme Black, Intense Black, Jet Black, Black, Black Brown.

Overall, it is good mascara! I love CoverGirl products and I’m always excited to see their new innovations.

And the price tag of $10.99 is fantastic.

To purchase COVERGIRL So Lashy! BlastPRO Mascara, visit your local drug store or mass retailer or purchase HERE!

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