Fun Spring Nails

With spring slowly approaching I wanted to get in the mood and what better way than with some nail designs!

I used bright fun colors to give my nails a little bit of pop.

I love this minty green polish by Essence called Play with My Mint and this beautiful light blue polish Boho Blues by China Glaze, they are the fun colors I needed.

I used Nail Striping Tape from Nail Polish Canada but if you like you can also cut small strips of scotch tape.

I also used a makeup sponge to dab the nail polish color onto the nails.

Here’s what you need:
- Base Coat
- White Nail Polish
- Light Blue Nail Polish
- Light Green Nail Polish
- Top Coat
- (Optional) Nail Striping tape
- (Optional) Makeup Sponge

Apply base coat to protect the nails.

Apply a White base color. I found this made the other colors more vibrant. Let completely dry.

Apply the nail striping tape to the nails in a “t” shape (one vertically and one horizontally), you can also apply a strip to the tip of the nails.

Apply some blue nail polish to a corner of the sponge, gently dab onto one side of the nail – you may need to do this a few times for the best opacity.

Repeat with the green polish.

Before the nail polish dries, remove the striping tape.

Apply a Top Coat for a nice glossy shine.

I thought this was a fun way to brighten up the dreary days.

Hope you liked this design!
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