Goody Fancy Fishtail Kit Review and Hair Tutorial

If you’ve read my blog posts or viewed videos on my YouTubeChannel, you would know I am a fan of Goody brand products.

I recently was at Walmart and kept seeing this “Fancy Fishtail Kit” but thought it would not work on my shorter hair.

After thinking about it, I thought “why not try it”?

I am sure glad I did! It is my favorite hair accessory/ tool right now.

The kit includes: a beaded fishtail maker, 10 clear elastics and 5 bobby pins.

The beaded fishtail maker comes in three colors, black, gold and silver – I opted for silver.

The clear elastics help you to secure hair, to make it easier to work in sections, and the bobby pins allow you to secure a braid or up-do.

The items in this kit help in creating fishtail braids, and as shown in the Video Tutorial, other ways as well.

Fishtail braids are beautiful but can take some time to create – longer time that a 3 strand braid…
This kit makes it so much easier!

It is a really quick process and you can come up with so many different hairstyles.

It is great for elegant updos and more casual styles.

In this Video Tutorial I show 3 hairstyles using the Goody Fancy Fishtail Kit.

All of these hairstyles  in 3 easy steps!!

- Section hair into two pieces. Secure top portion, then use elastic at the top of braid maker to secure the bottom half.

- Take the top section of hair and split, pull one section through first opening, then take the second section and pull through same opening, crossing over the first section.

 - Slide bead to secure each section and continue through the length of the braid. Secure end with clear elastic.

To find out more about Goody Products, click HERE!