Glamour Dolls Makeup Product Review

I love green beauty products and I especially like cruelty-free makeup that’s good quality and a good price.

I’ve been hearing of Glamour Dolls Makeup for years and finally decided to give their products a try (what took me so long?!)!

Glamour Dolls Makeup is line of makeup products that is entirely cruelty free with vegan options and with prices ranging from $2 - $6 it is perfect for any budget.   

Here are the products I decided to try:

- Bronzer
- Donut lip gloss - ballet slipper pink
- Lipstick- Crystal Ball - shadowy purple
- Lashlights Mascara - Blackest Black
- Eyeshadow - Athena - matte burgundy wine
- Eyeshadow - Ballerina's Revenge - iridescent pink shimmer
- Glitter Liner - Skylar - blue
- Gel Eyeliner - Ultra Black

My Thoughts

First of all, I love the personalized packaging! The products were nicely bundled together and wrapped with a tag with my name on it! It just gives a welcoming feeling – that extra bit of something!
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Bronzer - $5

The hugest bronzer I have ever seen! It’s bigger than my hand!
The formula is soft, matte and I like how it applied.
I would have liked a little lighter color because my neutral, pasty self is fairly light already but this was the only shade offered.
Perfect for contouring or adding a little color to your face arms legs, chest.

Donut lip gloss – $4

Probably the cutest lip gloss I’ve ever seen!
It is a light baby pink color, has a sweet scent, great pigment and does have good staying power.
The only negative I have is that it can be difficult to get the lip gloss out with your finger. It is very small and circular- hard to get finger in the groove.
 I used a lip brush because my finger couldn’t get enough gloss.
Otherwise it is a great little product!

Lipstick - $3

Lately I have really liked plum shades so I loved the deep purple shade of this lipstick.
It is well pigmented, creamy texture, glides on nicely and it has pretty good staying power and will stain the lips slightly.
Of course most of it was gone when I ate but most lipsticks are like that.
I am looking forward to trying out a few more shades.

Lashlights Mascara - $5

I thought this was just an ok mascara, it leaves lashes looking full and doesn’t clump.
I liked the little built in mirror for quick application.
For a $5 price, it is a good mascara, I just wasn’t wowed with it.

Eyeshadow - $4 each

I loved the velvety smooth formula.
These eyeshadows have great pigment and they last all day without creasing.
Just Applied
After 8 Hours

I always have a problem with creasing and I didn’t have any after 8 hours with these eyeshadows!
Athena is a matte shadow with a deep burgundy color – great for the crease.
Ballerina's Revenge is a shimmery pink – great on it’s own or with other shadows.
It had very little fall out and the colors didn’t fade throughout the day.

Glitter Liner – $4

I was excited because if you know me, you know I love glitter but I am disappointed with this product.
When I swatched it on my arm it looked great and applied nicely, the glitter showed up beautifully but when applying onto my eyes it was completely different…
It took several applications just to do one line along the lash line and then the glitter wasn’t noticeable at all…
Maybe it because the brush is very small and thin…
It just didn’t work for me…

Gel Eyeliner - $2

I haven’t been a fan of pencil liners for a while but my thoughts have changed with this eyeliner!
This gel eyeliner is infused with Vitamin E which helps to strengthen the lashes. It is also Paraben and cruelty free.
It glides on smoothly, super pigmented and doesn’t easily smudge.
You can smudge it for a smoky eye but it won’t smudge throughout the day even if you have teary eyes like me.
My favorite eyeliner right now!

Overall I did like most of the products and you can’t go wrong with the price point!

If you would like to try Glamour Dolls Makeup, check out their website HERE!