NYX Lip Lingerie Product Review: Lingerie for your Lips

Today I am going to review one of the liquid lipsticks from NYX. It is part of their ‘Lip Lingerie’ collection and this shade is called Baby Doll, it is a basic nude color but will complement all skin tones.

Lip Lingerie’ is a liquid lipstick with a Matte finish and is available in nude based shades like pink and chocolate browns, as well as mahogany red and classic beige shades.

The twelve shades included in the Lip Lingerie collection are named with cute classic lingerie features:

Corset – Neutral light brown
Lace Details – Rosy light brown
Push Up – Medium brown
Embellishment – Dusty deep lavender
Baby Doll – Cool brown
Beauty Mark – Fudgy cool brown
Bedtime Flirt – Rosy cinnamon
Exotic – Faded brick red
Honeymoon – Cool grey brown
Ruffle Trim – Dusty peach
Satin Ribbon – Light grey taupe
Teddy – It looks like chocolate frosting

It comes packaged like a lip gloss with a sponge tip applicator. The applicator is slightly longer and skinnier compared to the applicator in their soft matte lip cream collection and makes the application easy and precise.

The consistency is mousse-like as it glides on your lips easily. 
The lipstick does take a few seconds to turn matte on your lips.
It also has a bit of stickiness to it when you press your lips together but it’s not tacky.

It can be slightly drying, if you tend to have dry lips I definitely recommend applying a little lip balm first.

The lipstick can be streaky during application, which is a bit annoying because I had to apply several coats to get an even application.

The liquid lipstick lasts for around 5 to 6 hours but did fade a little in the inner area of my lips (darker outline of the lips later in the day).

My Thoughts:
I liked that these liquid lipsticks are more “mousse-like” than your typical liquid lipstick.

The formula is smooth and instead of drying into a tacky, dry and cracked looking finish, it leaves a soft velvety finish.

It does last for a good amount of time but it fades throughout the day.

I love the cute names of each color and that there is a good selection of nude colors.

You can find NYX Lip Lingerie here:

NYX website for $7 each

on Amazon for $6.99 each.