Kylie Lip Kit Product Review

While I don't usually like to give in to celebrity products, I have been obsessed with Matte Lipsticks lately and decided to try Kylie Lip Kit in Koko.

With the exchange rate, shipping etc. I really couldn’t justify paying almost $50 for a lipstick, so I did buy mine on Amazon.

The second I took it out of the package, the smell hit me. The lipstick smells like butterscotch, which normally would be nice but I found it to be very strong but if you like super-sweet smells, you'll probably like it. I didn't.

I applied the liner first, filling in my lips. The dark-nude shade has an edgy vibe that I liked a lot.

On top came the liquid lipstick, which I expected to be a mousse like consistency but turned out to be kind of runny.

I did find it to be sticky at first but once it dried to a matte finish it wasn’t as sticky.
If you're used to wearing matte lipstick, you know that it feels dry; that's just the reality of the formula.

To do a real test, I wore it all day long.
 I ate a sandwich and drank an iced coffee and it stayed on for the most part.

In the afternoon, I did apply a little lip balm to refresh it, which made it feel less dry.

I was expecting it to be a nude pink but I it is pretty bold pink color and still had a lot of fun wearing  it. 

The color on the tube is a bit deceiving.  

When I was ready to take it off at the end of the day, I tried to just use water on a paper towel, which didn't work too well — it's pretty sticky!

I applied some coconut oil to a paper towel and it came off completely, so coconut oil is the best way to go.

Overall, it is a good liquid lipstick but nothing amazing.  

It had great staying power and stayed on most of the day.

It can be a little sticky at first and I wish it didn't smell so strong.

But with the price point mentioned at the beginning of this post, I probably will not be repurchasing and will stick to something at a lower price range.  

To purchase your Kylie Lip Kit visit the website HERE!

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