L'Oreal Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color

I’ve been a little more daring with my hair lately and a few months ago I worked with an amazing stylist who brought my pink hair dreams come true. 
So I have been looking for a low cost option and the L’Oréal Colorista looks like it might be fun to try!

I was resistant at first, in Canada it has a price tag of $20 so I didn’t want to spend it on something that was going to wash out in one shampoo.

After consideration I decided to give it a try and am so glad I did!

My hair was lightened professionally a few months ago, it has been a few months and my roots are dark but I thought it would be a great ombré/ balayage look!

I chose the Pink Rose color, followed the easy directions and left in my hair for 20 minutes.

What I liked about this product is that it did not need any mixing. I used it directly from the tube and added the color to sections of my hair.

For my thick shoulder length hair, there was still a lot of product left in the tube.

While it was processing there was no unpleasant chemical smell and I felt no tingling.

When it was washed, I was thrilled with the color!

There are parts that are much brighter than others but overall I loved the results and almost wish that it wouldn’t wash out in 4 washes!

I have added it to my hair about 4 more times before the tube was empty so if you are doing highlights, the tube will last awhile.

When it fades the color is very subtle.

I recommend the L’Oréal Colorista semi-permanent hair color at least in this shade!
It's been fun to have some splashes of color in my hair!

I also want to try a lavender shade so I am looking forward to see how that turns out as well!

You can find L’Oréal Colorista semi-permanent hair color at your local drugstore or purchase it HERE!

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