Mix & Match Mascara: Combinations for Perfect Lashes

There are so many different types, formulas and brands of mascara out there.

If you’re anything like me, your lashes will have great volume but no length or length without volume.

Even if the mascara promises length and volume, it usually isn’t enough length or enough volume.

In order to get the look I want, I will usually mix and match 2 different mascaras to create the perfect mascara combination – a mascara to give me the volume I like and the other will give my lashes some length or sometimes flirty more dramatic lashes.

Start by curling the lashes, apply a couple coats of one type / brand of mascara, and then apply one or two coats of the other mascara.

I usually apply volume first and finish with length but that is my preference.

Here are some of my current favorite combos for lashes with length and volume:

  - The Colossal brush is fat but soft-bristled while the Falsies formula volumizes and lengthens

  - The Volume Accelerator brush is like a lash comb, and the Grow Luscious formula keeps your       lashes healthy and long

        - I love the classic Voluminous brush because it never clumps up and the Wonder’Lash formula              keeps your lashes super soft

  -  My favorite combination - Max Fanatic gives the lashes volume and a wide eyed look while                the  So Lashy brush separates the lashes and gives length

This mascara trick is so handy.

I know exactly which brush and formula I like — and can get my eyelashes to look great every time.
The combinations are endless.

What is your favorite Mix & Match mascara combination?