Cat Behavior Explained

It’s been awhile since I did a cat post so I wanted to look up some more cat behaviors and see what they mean.

Learning a cat’s body language and trying to understand their needs can sometimes be confusing – does that meow mean food or pet me? Why do they run around like crazy?

Here are some common actions and what they mean:

Sprint Jump

This one might seem a little scary. Seeing your cat zooming around and jumping off places like your couch might be frightening, but the truth is, it’s just getting exercise. Don’t worry if you see your pet doing this, he/ she just got a burst of energy from napping all day!

Rubbing against you

Cats like to rub against you for the same reason that they like to rub against furniture. Your cat is “marking” you with his/her scent. You are his/her human and he/she wants everyone to know it. It’s a compliment! Your cat is showing pride in having you as an owner/ cat parent.


This is a behavior from their days as a baby, when they would knead at their mother’s breast to stimulate milk production. It’s a calming movement that helps them feel calm as well! When a cat kneads on your body, it expresses comfort towards you. They are saying they love you!

Uncovered Poop

Cats are great because of their ability to take care of themselves, and that includes how they handle their waste. If a cat is not covering their poop, it’s a sign of anger towards its owners. Cats are never great with authority figures – to them they are always the boss, so they might do something like this after a situation that questions their dominance or a scolding from when they’ve been bad. Basically they are mad at you and want you to know it.

Staring With Their Mouths Open

This is your cat doing a scientific action called the “Flehmen response.” When a cat smells something different or usual or for male cats - pheromones, they open their mouth slightly to smell through the roof of its mouth because tiny ducts connect to openings behind kitty's teeth in the roof of the mouth, helping them understand more complex scents. It looks like your cat might be curling its lips, but it’s just figuring out what that smell is.

Little Meow

A little meow is their way of saying hello and greeting you. It’s subtle and sweet and easy to understand. Cats will most likely follow the meowing up by rubbing up against you. A great way to come home to!


This is sign of anticipation or frustration when your cat isn’t able to get what it wants like when they are watching a bird or rodent outside a window. It’s a completely normal sound.

Laying on stuff

When cats want attention, they’ll do everything they can to get your attention, even if it means laying on your items because then you will notice them and you might want to pet them or play with them. It’s also a sign that they want to feel secure, and safe around you. If they are constantly lay on your things, try spending your relaxing time with your cat and that will relax your cat and make them feel safe and secure! Basically they miss you and want to spend more time with you.  

Sleeping on your chest

Your cat loves sleeping on your chest because of your warmth, as well as being able to feel your heartbeat which has a calming effect! It’s a sign your cat feels protected with you. It might be a little tough to always have a cat lying on your chest, but it’s a sign of love!

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