DIY Popsicles for Cats

Frozen treats are a fun, delicious way to beat the summer heat. With the summer heat, me and my boys have been parched. While I can grab a Popsicle to cool down, I was thinking of what my boys needed to cool down.

I usually put some ice cubes in their water dish but that wasn’t working – the ice cubes were melting incredibly fast.

These simple, DIY cat popsicles are designed with your kitty in mind. Every one of my boys loved them!

I found the Paté wet cat food works best but I have also tried the Chicken and gravy type and the only negative is that they are a little bit harder to get out of the ice cube tray.

I found one can of wet cat food makes about 4 cubes.

Homemade Cat Popsicles

What you’ll need:
1 can of wet cat food
Small dry cat treats
Ice cube trays (for catsicle molds)
Plastic Wrap

1. Spoon wet food into ice cube tray just filling the bottom to halfway.

2. Add 3 to 4 dry cat treats.

3. Spoon wet food to the top of ice cube try.

4. Cover with plastic wrap to avoid other foods from smelling like cat food.

5. Put in freezer until fully frozen, about 2 hours.

Remove from ice cube tray, place on a plate and let your cat enjoy his/ her treat!

You can spray the ice cube tray with cooking spray for easy removal but I didn’t find it too difficult to take them out.

You can also add extra cat treats to the top of the cat popsicles before freezing.

For best freshness, remove immediately from ice cube tray and place in a sealed freezer container or a freezer bag.

You also want to use an ice cube tray specifically for the cat popsicles as you may get a nasty taste when making ice cubes for your water using the same tray.

My cats would lick them for a bit, go away, come back and lick or chew some pieces. It was hours of refreshment for them!

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