Sally Hansen Crayola Nail Polish

I hadn’t heard about this previously so when I saw this in the store I was super excited.

Sally Hansen and Crayola are here with a new twist on colors.

The beauty brand and crayon company have partnered together to release a line of 12 new nail polish shades.

The 12 nail polishes in the collection are all based on classic Crayola colors.

The shades include:
Vivid Violet
Wild Strawberry
Sunset Orange
Carnation Pink
Purple Heart
Granny Smith Apple and

I was very excited to get the Dandelion shade of nail polish as the Dandelion crayon was recently retired from Crayola boxes earlier this year.

Each Sally Hansen Crayola nail polish bottle comes with a unique cap with the signature Crayola squiggle and the cap is the same color as the nail polish inside the bottles.

Each color comes with Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri 3-in-1 technology, meaning it will dry in 60 seconds and that you don’t need base coat or top coat.

I would have loved to purchase all 12 colors but I had other shopping to do…

I decided to purchase Dandelion and Granny Smith Apple.

I loved how bright and bold the colors were. Most times with green and yellow shades, I found they are not as bright as they appear in the bottle.

It is well pigmented and I only needed one coat of nail polish on each nail. The formula seemed thicker than the usual nail polish which was good because it coated the nail evenly.

My nails literally dried in a minute!

I’ve had the nail polish on for a few days now and I’ve done some dishes, cleaning – basic housework which always chips my nails and nothing yet with this nail polish!

I’ve had good experience with Sally Hansen polishes not chipping so I am not too surprised.

So far I really like this nail polish.

The colors are bright and fun.

The formula is great and it dries so fast!

I can’t wait to purchase a few more colors : )

I got mine at Walmart so keep your eye out for the
Sally Hansen Crayola nail polishes in a store near you!

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