Casual Updo (Video Tutorial)

The ponytail is a classic style that works on everyone. It’s easy, carefree and flattering- the ideal choice for all hair lengths, textures and personal tastes.

The only downside is the risk of feeling bored of this look.

How you can add something extra to a good old fashioned ponytail?

Add a French braid!

Elaborate or even loose braids can add some beautiful detail to this classic hairstyle.

There is so much variation and so many different French braid ponytails ideas, that you’re sure to find the ideal style for you.

Here is a Video Tutorial on a style I have been wearing for most of the summer.
It is a quick style to do and you can add your own variations – a high bun instead of a ponytail, twisted instead of braided or a messy top knot – there are so many!

It only uses a sturdy hair elastic and a bobby pin.

This is a great summer style to keep hair off the neck or around the face – great for the beach or hiking.

It is suitable for medium length and long hair.

The causal braided pony is good for daily use.

French braids look so nice when combined with a ponytail.

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