e.l.f Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipstick Review

I have been wearing these liquid lipsticks all summer and can’t believe I didn’t write a blog post on them…

As soon as I heard e.l.f Cosmetics was coming out with matte liquid lipsticks I was super excited.

When they became available I purchased all 5 shades, (they just launched 6 more!) the first three colors are light almost nude shades and the last two are dark and have a deep berry color.

I really like the tear drop shape of the applicator- it helps me not to go over my actual lip line.

The formula is so good, lightweight, super comfortable, and dry very quickly.

The pigmentation is great and the lighter colors are excellent for everyday wear.

They feel creamy at first and mattify within 30 seconds, which is good because you have time to correct and rub off any mistakes or outlines before it goes matte.
Tea Rose
Blushing Rose


The lighter colors are not the best at long lasting… I applied the lipstick, had some coffee and had a bite to eat, the lipstick was pretty much gone, but because it’s a light shade, it wasn’t too noticeable.  

I noticed the liquid lipstick fades away, rather than coming off in chunks which is less noticeable with lighter colors.

After trying the lighter colors, I had low expectations - I didn't think the darker colors would last as long as it did.
Wine Tour
Berry Sorbet
I did some running around, grocery shopping and I ate, drank a booster juice – the pigment was still there! It faded a little in the corners and inner lips but I found it lasted a lot longer than the nude shades.

The liquid lipstick feels so lightweight I almost forget it's on.

My lips are bit dried out but I would apply a little lip balm throughout the day.

Overall I was really impressed with this matte liquid lipstick by e.l.f Cosmetics and for only $5 it is well worth the purchase!

To purchase Matte Liquid Lipstick, visit e.l.f Cosmetics at www.elfcosmetics.com

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