Choosing the Best Comb for Your Hair Type

When it comes to keeping hair healthy and tangle-free, most of us turn towards our favorite brush. Combs work well for untangling tough knots and leave your hair sleek and shiny.
If you have thick hair like me, a comb can make the difference between bouncy curls and split ends.
A comb is perfect for wet or dry hair and it’s a great way to work in your conditioner during or after a shower.
Here are some tips to finding the best comb for your hair type…

Most Hair Types
A wide tooth comb is great for all hair types.
If your hair is particularly prone to breakage, use a wide-toothed plastic comb in the shower to detangle as you condition.
This type of comb is also great at getting out knots and tangles.  

Fine Hair
A comb with thicker teeth will add volume while still getting rid of tough tangles.
If you want a comb to work product evenly through your ends, look for teeth that are close together to make sure you’re covered from root to tip.
Many combs combine these features, with finer teeth on one end for smoothing and thicker teeth on the other end for detangling.

Thick Hair 
There have been a few times when I tried to comb out a knot and ended up with broken teeth from the comb in my hair. Us thick haired girls know how important it is to find a comb that is good and sturdy. If your hair is prone to tangling, you may want to start by brushing it in the shower, let your hair air dry for as long as possible, and then detangle with a comb.

Curly Hair 
Curly haired girls know that taking a brush to your hair can cause some serious frizz! Curly hair and combs might not seem like a natural fit but using a comb with two sets of wide-spread teeth can make for smooth combing through even the densest curls. Look for combs with sturdy handles to prevent tugging and multiple rows of teeth to work their way through curls without damaging them.

Coarse Hair 
For smooth and tangle-free hair, you’ll want a comb that can work well with heat styling tools and can get through knots without damaging the ends. If you’ve already washed your hair and are looking for more smoothing, you can try a dryer diffuser attachment to work through any remaining tangles.

Do you have a favorite type of comb?

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