Choosing the Right Hair Brush

If you’re anything like me, you just want to grab something at the Dollar Store or local drugstore and not give it a single thought past “Something cheap!”

But if you’re not using the correct brush then you might be causing more damage and breakage.

Here is a list of the best type of brush for different hair situations.

Detangling Wet Hair 

Choosing a flexible bristle brush when dealing with post-shower tangles protects hair from the damage caused by tugging and pulling that will lead to breakage and frizz.

Wrap wet hair up in a micro-fiber towel rather than a terry cloth towel for even more anti-frizz protection.

Detangling Dry Hair

Choosing a mixed bristle brush is the best way to distribute your hair’s natural oils from root to tip.
This will utilize the natural moisture your hair needs to remain healthy.

Quick Drying

Using a vented brush can take several minutes off your routine or keep you from sleeping on wet hair causing breakage and damage.

Smooth Styling

Whether wanting Old Hollywood curls or brushing up a sleek high ponytail, you’ll save yourself time by keeping a bristle paddle brush on hand for smoother styles and this brush is great at getting baby hairs to stay in place. 

Create Volume

Round brushes can take some practice at first but they make all the difference.
A Round brush can leave you with perfectly straightened hair, big angel curls, and incredible volume. 
These come in a number of sizes, but the important thing to note is that the larger the barrel, the softer the curve it produces.

If you are new to round brushes, try using a very large brush at first, just to get used to it – this will hopefully prevent hair from getting caught and tangled in the brush – no unexpected pixie cuts. 

Thermal Styling

I love multi-purpose tools - drying and then fully straightening or curling your hair is a pain, and takes up so much time.  Hot Air Brushes are excellent time savers because they dry, straighten and curl hair at the same time!

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