Adult Acne: Which Product Option is Right for You?

There are so many acne and breakout treatments on the market.

It’s common to get a feeling of product overload.

Here is a list of common products to consider when treating acne issues. 

Go for Simple Cleansers 

People who are prone to breakouts may use a cleanser with salicylic acid triggering excessive dryness which only increases oil production leading to a breakout cycle.
Gentler products that are appealing to all skin types such as Cetaphil or CeraVe are great options because they don’t strip away moisture and they soothe the face.

Exfoliate Weekly

They key with exfoliating is not to be too harsh.
You want to gently rub product into your face in circular motion then rinse with lukewarm water.
Exfoliating helps to removes impurities, absorbs oil and detoxifies skin.
There are great new products available like Charcoal & Neroli Detox Face Scrub that uses charcoal which does a great job controlling oil in acne prone skin.
If you have sensitive skin should choose an exfoliating mask which is less irritating. 

Soothe with Serums

Serums that address acne without compromising moisture are great.
Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum uses organic fruit acids, Vitamin C and organic aloe to hydrate and renew the skin.
 Serums penetrate the skin quickly making them a great option for nighttime healing as you sleep.

Try Facial Oils

You can add drops of Jojoba oil, Vitamin C oil, Argan oil, or Vitamin E oil to your serum or directly onto your face after cleansing which is like a vitamin boost to skin.
This will also address acne scarring helping them heal quicker.

Always use Moisturizer

Many people who are prone to breakouts want to skip moisturizer because they think their skin is oily enough.
The reason skin is producing oil is because it is lacking moisture.
Moisturizers that use Hyaluronic acid are great because it locks moisture in and draws water from the atmosphere to keep skin hydrated.
This is great for all skin types.

Balance Skin with a Toner 

I like toners because they do a nice job of clearing away dirt and make-up, shrinking pores, and restoring skin to its natural pH balance.
Witch Hazel is a simple no fuss astringent found at any drug store which works wonders on acne or break out prone skin.

Mask Every Week

You want to choose “detoxifying masks” featuring ingredients like, charcoal, clay, sulfur.
You may want to alternate between a more soothing mask one week and a treatment mask when a breakout first occurs.
Another option is using a soothing mask on the cheeks and then a clarifying mask on the chin and jawline.

Spot Treat

We touch our faces approximately 25 times per hour.
It’s hard to be conscious of it.
When we have a breakout, we may sit at our desks or behind the wheel picking away.
It is a habit that spreads bacteria and leads to scarring.

Here is a blog post on using Essential Oils for Acne, it also has some great tips on Spot Treating.

Ultimately, when in doubt see your dermatologist who will assess your skin and the many factors that may be causing acne.

Often dermatologists will outline a treatment regimen that is more customized just for you putting into consideration your age, skin type and lifestyle.

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