Life Triggers that Inspire Bold Beauty Transformations

It is common for women to alter their appearance when faced with a significant life challenge.

When we are tested we want to transform ourselves.

When we shift our mindset, and transform on the inside, it’s only natural that we want the outside to change as well.

It’s as if we shed old skin like a butterfly ready to take new flight soaring to new heights.

Here are some common life challenges that trigger transformations.

A Milestone Birthday

Women as young as 25 are having quarter life crisis and other women who turn 30 or 35 often feel blah about it.
Even if women feel great about a milestone birthday they still may desire a change.
When we have a birthday, we tend to focus on aging.
We look at our faces in the mirror, see a new wrinkle and think we need a refresher.
 It’s very common for women to book appointments for Botox around their birthdays.
If you or someone you know are having thoughts about aging and it’s becoming an obsession, causing anxiety or depression, it’s important to speak to a professional.

Surviving an Illness

After recovering from illness, especially if the road to recovery was long and hard, it’s normal to want a new look.
When people feel healthier and happier they may desire a new wardrobe; especially if there was weight loss.
It’s important to make a full recovery before doing any invasive procedures. You really must speak to your doctor to clear you for any elective surgeries.
There’s a lot of empowerment that comes from battling back from illness.
It makes sense that someone would want to celebrate their good health with a ‘new me’ approach to their appearance.

Going back to work after unemployment

You got laid off and for months you have been trying to find a new job.
Being unemployed crushes the spirit.
The longer someone is unemployed the greater their chances are of sinking into depression.
When a new job is secured there’s a feeling that the weight of the world is off the shoulders.
Of course, you want to treat yourself.

Divorce or a Breakup

One of the most profound triggers motivating a significant change to a woman’s appearance is divorce.
Breast augmentation, tummy tucks, weight loss, new hair, new clothes and total transformation is common.
The challenge here is that they are often hurting inside as they grieve the loss of their marriage.
Even if they are happy for the divorce and ended it amicably the stress over dating again is a motivator.
Divorce is such a significant severing that most women feel that the person they were before must change.
The fastest way to transform is to change their appearance – out with the old in with the new!

Moving to a New City

Moving to a new city can be very scary.
There are a lot of unknowns which makes people feel as if they are out of control.
The one thing they can take control over is their appearance.
It’s common for people who relocate to assume a whole new identity that blends in with the other people of that city.
If you’re moving from Edmonton to a beach town in Miami, your attire is going to change.

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