Sharpie Snowflake Nail Art

I’m always on the lookout for easy ways to apply nail art designs.

I have been seeing Sharpie nail art designs everywhere and had to try it.

I wanted a winter theme and decided to try a snowflake.

I used a gold sharpie and applied a glittery gold polish on top of the sharpie design.

Here’s what you need:
- (Optional) Dotting tool
- Toothpick

- Apply base coat to protect the nails and prolong the manicure.

- Apply a base color. I used a light blue nail polish. Let completely dry.
- Using a sharpie, apply a “t” shape to the nail. Then apply an “x” over the “t “shape.

- Apply 3 or 4 dots onto the nail.
- Using a nail striping brush or toothpick dipped in glittery polish, apply over the sharpie design.
- Apply a Top Coat for amazing shine.

Hope you liked this easy design!

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