Beauty Resolutions 2016 – Did I keep them?

When I was thinking of what beauty resolutions I would have going into 2018I wanted to look back and see what resolutions I had last year and if I actually kept them.

In my blog post Beauty New Year's Resolutions for 2016, I listed some beauty resolutions I wanted to work on.

I haven’t thought about them since the first part of the year.

Let’s see if I stuck to them or not.

Cut Back On Heat Styling

I actually did cut back on heat styling!!

Take Off Your Makeup before Bed

I’ve gotten better at this, I don’t remember to do it all the time but most nights I am removing my makeup once I get home.

Floss Teeth Every Night

I recently went to the dentist for a check-up and NO I did not keep this one consistent.
I’m not sure why but this has always been a hard habit for me to get into.

Switch Some Products to Organic Products

I still use drugstore brands but have added more organic products to my collection.
Pur Attitude is my favorite skincare line right now!

Give Your Nails a Break 

 I am surprised by this one, I forgot about it.
I do give my nails a break once in a while to get nourished and replenished.

Clean Makeup Brushes Regularly 

 Not as often as I should but better than when I wrote this 2016 blog post.

I’m pretty impressed! I thought I would have had “NO’s” across every resolution.

Small steps definitely help.

What were your beauty resolutions last year? Did you keep them?

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